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Tesco – will get rid of these

The program has been a hit among customers, so Tesco is providing special waste plastic collectors in more stores. From now on, all major British Tesco stores will be able to sell so-called soft plastic to The Independent In accordance with Article.

More collection points to come

The department store chain launched the program again in the spring, with 171 stores participating. This is because most soft plastics are difficult to recycle, so they end up in landfills. This is well illustrated by the fact that in the UK, only 6 per cent of soft plastics are collected and recycled, even though they represent nearly a quarter of the weight of all plastic packaging. Soft plastic packaging, for example, packaging various lace bags, pet food bags, or bread for example.

Sarah Bradbury, Tesco’s director of quality control, said they will open collection points across the country to help more people combat plastic pollution. Tesco will remove and reduce plastic as much as possible and help customers find reusable alternatives and recycle used plastic. Among other things, the company will expel a thousand tons of soft plastic annually.

I entered the grocery store

In the Tesco trial, the majority of customers, 85 percent, found a trial mode service to help them recycle, and found it convenient to be able to get rid of their plastic trash when shopping.

My collected eyes are then sent to Tesco for recycling, where they are washed and sorted, and as much waste as possible is turned into a new product or new packaging. The store chain says they have been able to recycle more than 80 percent of the plastic returned by customers and are now working with professionals to see what can be done with the remaining 20 percent.

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Britain’s Tesco has already taken several steps against plastic waste, including removing more than 20 million pieces of disposable plastic from Christmas displays alone. And this year, the company has also set new sustainability goals: Among other things, it will help switch to electric transportation and reduce food waste. In addition to other supermarket chains, including Hungarian Tesco, Lidl, Spar and Auchan, they are also trying to reduce the use of plastic, for example by using recyclable bags.