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Tesco will only open a health food store

In the UK, Tesco is increasingly fighting obesity as a disease of civilization. A sign of commitment to the noble cause, for example, is the fact that the first chain in England will soon open the first unit in which it sells only healthy food, Writes Store Insider.

Based on a recently published statement Tesco welcomes the UK Government’s determination to treat obesity as a public disease. As it turns out, the company is working closely with authorities to better understand soon-to-be-enacted legislation designed to address a serious social problem.

As for the current schedule, in line with the collaboration, the company will soon open its first store selling exclusively healthy foods, and will create a special section in its UK stores with only “under 100 calories” products.

Tesco store in Southportsource: —

Introducing healthy products that will be launched in February without exception, Foods high in fat, salt or sugar will be completely missing from the Southport store.

The opening of the new unit in the UK faithfully reflects the company’s drive to encourage consumers to eat healthy food. This noble goal is served by Tesco’s four-year plan to include a “reformulation” program to improve the health of its products.

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