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Test: Fiat 500E La Prima

500 cabin changes. Fortunately, with the ability to build entirely from the ground up, the new was able to evolve at nearly every point. Just roughly, because there’s not much progress in using, for example, materials. The upper part of the dashboard and especially an important part of the door edges is made of brittle black plastic just like before. I know the 500e isn’t a luxury car, but such a generational change with such a trendy product I think would have deserved some softer materials.

Modern and trendy in the design world, I had to own a brand new 500

The change in work environment and space is huge. The previous sitting position, which was bad for me, has almost disappeared, with the steering wheel adjusted in and out, we can sit in a more humane position. The handlebars are especially beautiful and have a good grip, and the leather cover has a quality feel. The shapes are harmonious, pretty, and not overrated, and there are a bunch of interesting little details in them, like the pattern on the small shelf tray indicating Turin – the new 500e was made here – and the old 500e silhouette in the door openers.

There is more legroom in the front, and no bump in the center console, because there won’t be a manual transmission here anyway, but there’s no more space in the back than before, but in the short term you can still come here. It is interesting to open the door with a button on the inside – there is also a traditional handle down if there is gas in the key. The weirdness of the electric locks is that there is no locking sound when closing, which is why I went back to the car awkwardly several times to see if I was locked, of course the flash of the turn signals gives notes on that.

Sugarcane Refill - Fiat 500 E6

The seats are comfortable, the seats are normal, and there is a lot of space for two people, very comfortably

Sugar wall has been reloaded - Fiat 500e 7

This switch, i.e. the toggle switch, is strange but familiar

Oddly, the toggle switch has become a row of buttons, but after all, you just have to get used to it and take up little space. Pleasant disappointment with the digital and multimedia toolkit, the images are very beautiful and sharp, and the processing method is very simple and fast. The instrument cluster can also provide a seemingly traditional circular instrument on which the outer circular arc shows the power delivery and feedback, but also provides the driver with travel data, efficiency information, and other details that can be viewed more easily. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are triggered by wires, in a separate menu you can monitor the condition of the car and the range of settings is very plentiful. At one weak moment, in one of the lockdowns, the language reverted to Italian and put everything back to default, but I had no more negative experiences with it.

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The roof quickly disappears over our heads, it can stop in two positions and you don’t have to hold down the button, and that was a smart decision. The thread selector and volume control are on small cylinder switches on a fixed center console, which is not a good place for the latter. There is storage in the center console, otherwise our luggage would have room in the doors or in my back seat. Its signal box has a volume of 185 liters, and a charging cable case will certainly hold about 20 additional liters.

Sugarcane Refill - Fiat 500 E8

The 10.25 inch multimedia is the largest available, the program is easy to use and has a logical interface