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That’s why working with Jessica Alba was terrible at first: the heartbreaking actor testified about it – World Star

When two actors film together, they may not immediately find a common voice, there have been several instances in the star world where both sides have experienced every moment of their work as a hell of a ending, as evidenced by the case of Julia Roberts and Nick Nolte, of They co-produced the 1994 movie The Trouble in Trouble. Later in the press, both made unpleasant comments about the other, Roberts called his colleague a distasteful man, but Nolte told him that in reality his colleague was not of good nature.

Fortunately, there are stories with more positive results, an excellent example known from the Odaát series. Jensen Ackles And Jessica Alba a story. The beginning of their joint business was also difficult for them, but their relationship changed over time. Michael Rosenbaum PodcastGabol.

Working with Jessica Alba at first was horrible

The star of Odaát was a guest on Rosenbaum, where his series The Dark Angel was played, in which he played alongside Jessica Alba. The series ran from 2000 to 2002. Ackles joined the crew in the second season, which Alba did not like at first.

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“I was the new baby chosen.” He wasn’t even saying he didn’t love me. Instead, he thought I was the handsome boy the channel contracted just to get more attractions because that’s all we really need,” he said.

As soon as she heard what the actress had to say about her behind her back, she internalized herself and was sometimes addicted to her co-worker. They often quarreled, as did siblings. Although the beginning of their work together was difficult, over time they loved each other. He said that his grandfather died while filming their series, at which point Alba reassured him.

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“He literally entered my caravan and hugged me for about half an hour. That was the relationship between us, if I walked in here now we’d definitely hug each other, but the fact that it didn’t make things any easier for me at the time.

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He also said he knew his colleague was not in an easy position in the early 2000s.

“I love Jesus, and I know it goes against what I just said.” There was tremendous pressure on him at that show. He was young, in a relationship, and I think all of that caused him a lot of stress.”

At that time, Alba was over 19 years old She was Michael Weatherly’s girlfriend, and later married, but divorced in 2003. The actor also appeared in Dark Angel.

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