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The 24th Partium Scientific Student Conference has begun

The 24th Annual Science Student Circle Conference kicked off with an inaugural online exhibition and lower online exhibition at 9 am on Friday.

Stadium Stefania

University President Dr. Joseph Palvi greeted the spectators and participants for the first time, noting that it was not easy to speak this way, because he could not see the interested and radiant audience. He said the regulation of PTDK last year was not in question despite the limitations caused by the pandemic, but they were thinking how to implement it. “Yes, by example.” We managed to hold the scientific conference via the Internet, and this year it will be held again in virtual space. He was pleased to report that, compared to previous years, more people had come forward for the 24th time. A total of 105 students and 88 entries will be awaiting refereeing, and there will be a dissertation that will be presented out of competition in 13 different departments.

“This year’s PTDK winners and laureates will be invited, so not only PKE students, but also others, to apply for publication in the Relay Study Volume.” The university president added. Staféta is a study folder created by PKE faculty to publicize students’ outstanding academic work, with annual publication since 2016. Announcement of results will be available on the university’s Facebook page from 11 am on Saturday. “I wish a lot of success, also on behalf of my colleagues, for the competitors! I would like to thank all of my colleagues for their diligent and professional work, especially the lead organizer, Levente Székedi, who also received the 2019 TDK Excellent Organizer Award. Thanks to the organizer team, department heads, supervisors, opponents and committee members Judging and last but not least for the students for their participation, cooperation and work! Thank you to my colleague Edit Debrenti, the scientific director of PKE for her conscious work that does not save time or energy! ” He said.

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The student president Ferenc Jacap also wished his colleagues much success, stressing the importance and benefits of the conference, as the participants will also prepare for the state exam by attending the conference.

After that, Dr. Irene Kanyady, Assistant Professor, greeted the audience with the opening of the Fine Arts Department’s exhibition, which could be viewed in the foyer of the new building. “This is the moment when we face the fact that these great entities such as art, research, science, experimentation and education meet during this period and crystallize in students’ work. (…) Looking at the works, we realize that the common ground between them is creativity, innovation, constant experimentation and curiosity. ” – Tell. He said about the works presented at the exhibition, the students created different genres. We can find works in both the independent and applied arts, and there are experimental drawings paired with photography capabilities, imaginative illustrations, and product packaging. The target audience for the works also ranges from a rich palette, from children to adults, and anyone can view and even experiment with your interactive creations. Anyone who does not have the opportunity to personally view the exhibition can view it from the registry.

Dr. Edt Dibrenti, Scientific Director, also gave a short speech in which he mentioned Umberto Eco’s ideas on writing the thesis, with the well-known author also addressing the topic in a volume. “According to him, writing a thesis means learning how to organize your thoughts and organize data. He gains experience in systematic work, that is, he creates something that is fundamentally for the benefit of others. It is not the topic that matters, but the experience gained from the work.” He said. The director was pleased to see how many people had pledged to write the letter and the contest, and added that he was sure that the hard work would be fruitful.

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Soon after the speeches, the performances began.