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The 444 audio files are moving, but we hope you haven’t noticed any of that

It became a podcast provider in the year 444. Until now we were on a platform called Podbean, but from now on we will be using a tool called Omny Studio. In good shape, students won’t notice anything about this change for now, and everyone will be able to listen to Wine Taste’s Sunday sound just as before. Anyone who’s listened to the embedded player 444 is out there on Spotify, Apple podcasts, or another platform.

There are three reasons why we write separately from the key.

One is that while we really hope the transfer goes well in the background and no one notices anything, something might not work the way we want it to. If in the next few days you encounter anything unusual about 444 podcasts, and you haven’t reached your old or new broadcast, please email [email protected] to find out what happened.

The second reason, however, is that there will be a slight change right away: Litmus shows (soon to be next) will now be available on a separate channel, independent of 444. by Omni and large podcast platforms. If you don’t want to miss the Litmus podcast, sign up for it now!

The third (and the explanation for the platform change) is that we want to improve our podcasts with new shows and services (including specials for Circle members) in the coming weeks and months. We hope the new platform will provide the right technical background for growth.