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The Afghan president fled to Oman, according to the Russians, with a lot of money

According to the Russian press, Asraf Jani made a small fortune with him when he left Afghanistan on Sunday.

Touching Dushanbe in Tajikistan, the Afghan president fled to Oman, who He left Kabul on SundayEven before the anti-government Taliban invaded the Afghan capital, Interfax wrote, citing the Tajik authorities. The Russian news agency quoted the Tajik news service of Radio Ozudi as saying: Janie’s extravagance He stayed in Dushanbe for a short time and then flew to Amman.

According to Radio Ozodi Abdul Rashid Dostum Daughter of a former Afghan vice president and warlord, Rohela Dostom He also wrote on Facebook that Jani’s plane flew over Dushan for a while and then made its way to Oman. The flight was coordinated by the Tajik aviation authorities with the Uzbek, Turkmen and Iranian authorities. According to MTI, Afghan news channel Kabul News reported on Twitter that Jani was indeed bound for Amman. A foreign affairs statement in Tajikistan denied that Jani was in Tajikistan at the end of the week.

– Press Secretary of the Russian News Agency RIA Novosti, the Russian Embassy in Kabul, Nikita Ishchenko It was also reported that the Afghan president tried to flee the country with four cars loaded with money, as well as an attempt to sneak money into a helicopter at the Kabul airport, but it did not fit everything, so part of the cargo remained on the runway. .

After Jani’s escape, the radical Islamist rebels occupied the presidential palace. The Taliban launched a general attack on government forces at the beginning of the withdrawal of US and international forces in May, and occupied the country’s district centers at high speed for the past week, with virtually no gunshots. In most places, government forces showed little or no resistance.

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