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The album included the various success stories of the Pallas Athena institutions

The Science and Society – Creating and Maintaining Value Album by Pallas Athena Domus Meriti Foundation. The memorial at 72 ri utca was saved from destruction by the central bank and its foundation. Since then, the Budapest Center for Long-Term Sustainability (BC4LS), which he and Neumann Janus University established, has been working here, which can also be considered one of the symbols of his social responsibility – read the statement of the foundation.

The foundations of Magyar Nemzeti Bank were established in 2014: six independent institutions in Pallas Athena began their activities in the fields of education, science and culture. In December 2019, the Pallas Athena Foundation Domus Mereti took over the responsibilities of its predecessors. The astonishing results of their work are not only marked by the iconic buildings that have been enchanted from the ruins and then become a center of science and culture, but also by more than 1,600 educational, research and scientific support projects. These include support for major international conferences, geopolitical research, and postgraduate training for various fellows and nearly 400 students.

An album representing 7 years of the history of the Pallas Athena FoundationPhoto: Sándor Csudai – Origo

The Foundation’s exclusive album presents value creation, preservation, knowledge enhancement, and community building activities for PADME and its predecessors in seven chapters. Among other things, you can read an interesting documentary compilation about the history of the buildings that have been preserved by the institution, which have been renovated to a high standard and equipped with new functions, the challenges of design and architecture, and we can also see great photos of the final result.

The book edition also received a separate chapter on the album. Chik Katinka, Managing Director of Pallas Athena Publishing House, said at the event: The publisher brings best-selling foreign academics with a university academic background to Hungarian readers in four main subjects: economics, finance, geopolitics, management, and sustainable development. Since its creation in September 2017, 140 volumes have been published.

Pictured are Norbert Sismadia, President of the PADME Foundation, Katinka Chih, Managing Director of Pallas Athena Publishing, and Tamas Pankoti, Director of the PADME Foundation, at the presentation of the album representing the history of the Pallas Athena Foundation.Photo: Sándor Csudai – Origo

The volume is also richly illustrated with photographs of fine art and other exhibitions held on the Foundation’s premises, as well as cultural programs held there. PADME leaders also participated in the book presentation.

Director Tamas Pankoti highlights:

As always, in 2021 we executed our business exclusively from the proceeds of our Foundation’s assets, fulfilling our mission of preserving the Foundation’s assets.

A demonstration of the Pallas Athena Foundation’s documentary publishing event took place in the listed building at Úri utca 72Photo: Sándor Csudai – Origo

President Norbert Sismadia added in the book presentation: I hope that by continuing the work we have done so far, drawing on supported talent and a younger generation, we can create as much value as possible not only for Hungary, but for the whole world.

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