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The amazing squid mind preserves all the memories

Do you remember what you had for dinner last Tuesday? Or the same day last year? Now, a new study shows that squid can do it all. Thus, it is the first animal whose knowledge of the secret is known: that it does not show any signs of deteriorating memory function over time.

In humans, this is called episodic memory, and it is part of the long-term memory system responsible for our ability to acquire new knowledge and relate it to ourselves and our environment. This is in contrast to semantic memory, where we remember what we have learned in the past without having learned it. Now, researchers have reported an “episodic memory” in squid and believe it could all be linked to their mating habits.In addition, according to experts, these animals are also good subjects Proceedings of the Royal Society B Published in a scientific journal because they only live for a few years, which makes it easy to compare their memories over their lifetime. Based on the new experiences, it seems that later memories of their lives are still very sharp.

Common Squid (Sepia officinalis) off the coast of CroatiaForrás: Biosphoto via AFP/Franco Banfi/Biosphoto/Franco Banfi

Squid remembers what, where and when you ate and uses this to guide your food decisions in the future Said Alexandra Schnell, Comparative Psychologist at the University of Cambridge ScienceAlert Online science portal. Surprisingly, they do not lose this ability with age, despite the fact that they show other signs of aging, such as loss of muscle function and appetite.

The team has 24 joint squid (Brown officinalis): They were given two types of food: shrimp, the species’ favorite, and king prawn.

In subsequent tests, these mollusks were shown to remember the “what, where and when” elements of the test, establishing episodic memory.

This means that the animals “knew where to get the food they wanted”.

One explanation for this excellent memory, the researchers say, is that the squid wants to spread its genes as widely as possible.

Squid on coral reefsForrás: Biosphoto / © Jean Cassou / Biosphoto – Rights reserved – Work protected by copyright – – – – / Jean Cassou

Older squids did just as well on the memory task as the younger ones; Furthermore, many seniors had better memory in the testing phase Schnell explains. “We think this ability can help them remember who they’ve mated with, so they don’t go back to the same partner.

However, experts say they still have a lot of work to do to figure out exactly how episodic memory works in animals. Evidence of a remarkable ability has already been observed in rats and jays, among others.

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