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The army is on high alert due to petrol shortages in the UK

For the fourth day in a row, the British government has put the army on standby to deal with fuel supply problems after a long queue to refuel and close gas stations one after another.

Petrol shortage in recent days Panic refueling Created, but caused by the underlying problem Not enough truck and truck drivers In the country. Brexit, epidemic, but wage levels and the fact that workers are practically elderly have contributed to this. According to a survey conducted by the British Road Carriers Association in August, there are now fewer than a million drivers in the UK than there were 600,000 before the epidemic. The situation was exacerbated when at least 30,000 lorry drivers missed exams due to Brexit and infection. People at gas stations panicked after news came that there was a problem with fuel supply due to truck shortages. Shell, ExxonMobil and Greenergy continued to panic that the joint statement was caused by a sudden increase in demand, not a national fuel shortage.

Photo: Janna Manukian / Sputnik via AFP

According to the BBC, 150 military tanker drivers can now be trained and dispatched if needed. Energy Minister Kwazi Quarteng said keeping the military on alert was a “prudent and prudent move” because “stopping the military if necessary can provide additional capacity to the supply chain, which will reduce the pressure of increasing fuel demand.”

Knowing that military drivers still need to undergo a special training, they can take up to five days.

In addition to the deployable military, the government has authorized the extension of special driver’s licenses to include additional drivers who can carry gasoline. For this reason, special licenses that expire from September 27 to December 31 will be extended to January 31, 2022 without further training or exams for drivers.

Major fuel manufacturers said in a joint statement that many cars now feel that the shortage is due to a sudden increase in demand for everyone, so demand is expected to return slowly in the coming days. To normal.

Photo: iPress via AFP

Meanwhile, the union of health workers and prison staff has demanded that priority be given to maintenance workers rather than fuel purchases.

While some ambulance services have their own petrol stations on site and their care is expected to be a real priority, the North London ambulance doctor has had to go to several wells in recent days because there is no petrol anywhere.

One woman, who told the BBC she tried to take her husband to the hospital when he needed fuel, clearly blamed the media for the frenzy at petrol stations: “If no one had talked about this, truck drivers and everything, this panic would have started. “

The government has given fuel companies a temporary exemption from competition law so they can work together and negotiate to target fuel for the most important parts of the country. Also, it has been announced that temporary visas will be issued to 5,000 foreign fuel and food truck drivers until Christmas Eve. In this regard, however, Richard Walker, managing director of the Icelandic supermarket, told BBC Two Newsnight that visas would only start in mid-October and that he had no idea, “Who will give up a full-time job in Europe? A few weeks “.

After the UK left the European Union, many European drivers decided to return to their homeland or work elsewhere, but not only Brexit, but the epidemic prompted the return of large numbers of foreign workers. Due to the latter, truck shortages also developed in Germany and Poland.


(Large image: Janna Manukyan / Sputnik / Sputnik via AFP)

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