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The award ceremony will take place on Saturday as part of a large-scale celebration “Üllői út 129.

We will get medals after always competing against our biggest competitor, and fans can enter the field as well.

With the active participation of our fans, we are preparing for a special opening ceremony on May 7th at Groupama Arena. The special feature of handing out medals is that everyone can enter the field after the Saturday Night Tournament! The 33-times Hungarian soccer champion will host MTK at Groupama Arena in Round 32 of the OTP Bank League on Saturday, May 7, starting at 7.15pm.

Our team is preparing for a special day, when the opening ceremony and award ceremony of the Ferencváros competition, which recently won the 33rd Hungarian Championship in its history, will begin immediately after the explosion – with the active participation of our fans! This time, and for the first time in Groupama Arena history, fans will be in the stadium while handing out medals! The last time something like this happened in Gyor was 9 years ago, and the last time was 19 years ago, at the Albert Stadium, the riders were there on the grass during the awards ceremony.

There is enough time for fans to enter the square, so the celebration won’t start until everyone is seated. Here are the important details!

Additions after inflating

In addition to the special tournament with our fans, we are also preparing for the important day with other additions:

During the party, we will turn off the lighting of the entire stadium and illuminate the 4 x 10 meter stage set up a few meters from the player’s exit with high-powered spotlights, and we will hold a light show.

– After delivering the trophy known as DJ. Producer Lotfi Bigy and the premiere for his guest star, Deir Hani.

– There will also be a confetti cannon, but we will not only spray gold confetti on the players but also on the fans when the championship trophy is raised.

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There is enough time for fans to enter the square, so the celebration won’t start until everyone is seated.

Planned program for the after-explosion party

The Immortal Reverend will begin on Saturday, May 7 at 7:15 p.m., and is expected to end at 9 p.m. At the moment of the match, Ferencvaros players leave the field immediately! We would like to draw the attention of our fans to the fact that this time the usual lack of reverence, but there is a reason for this. This time, the players of the tournament team will pay their respects at the Albert Florian statue at the main entrance to the Groupama Arena, where they will tie the tournament sash around the neck of the Hungarian football’s only Golden Ball statue in the traditional manner.

Meanwhile, a scarf-making ceremony will be held on giant projectors in the stadium. Having put on the scarf, the players will return to the field, where the long-awaited opening ceremony and award ceremony will take place on the podium, which was in the meantime on the field. The show concluded with the performance of well-known DJ and producer Lotfi Beghy and his guest.

It is very important that the statue is not accessible to the public while wearing it, whether from Üllői út or Albert Flórián t, or even from the main building! As the team wears the sash, fans can start entering the stadium on a strict schedule, as shown below!

This is how our fans can get up and down from the Groupama Arena during the party!

Pitch access information for B-Central fans

Camp members, supporting in sectors B1, B2, B3 and C1, can start on the specified path at the moment of the explosion. It is important that no one from these sectors can enter the portal through escape gates or barriers! Everyone must get off under the stands because the designated single entry route leads through the roundabout under Sectors B to the escape gate in Sector B1 and then through the North Marathon Gate to the corner of the track in the designated direction. Marathon North Gate is the gate closest to the eagle statue.

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Camp members are asked to wait here until security personnel give permission to enter the square. This is expected to take a few minutes while the track prepares for the celebration.

Information on entering the field for fans in the side view

Fans of the lower rows of side stands C and D (i.e. Sectors C2, C3, C4, C5, C6, D1, D2, D3, and D4) will be able to enter the stadium park through the escape gates facing the track. The security service personnel will help you with this, please follow all instructions and requests exactly for your safety!

It is important for our fans at the entrance to these stands and from there that in order to avoid congestion at the bottom of the sectors, they can walk on the track by going around the roundabout under the sectors, because the separator between stands C1 and C2 closes the gate. It is opened by security staff, so fans in the upper rows from side view can walk under arm to join campers already waiting to enter at the North Marathon Gate.

We would like to draw the attention of the fans in Sectors C and D that those who wish to enter the square towards the escape gates should try to avoid crowding, by no means pushing each other and the fans down the stairs! There will be plenty of time to get down to the square before the party starts, so don’t hurry! Security Service members will keep fans on the right track, please be patient and pay close attention to each other.

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To enter the track, our staff will demolish several elements of the so-called perimeter surrounding the track, for example, LED walls radiate advertisements around the corner flag. You will be able to enter the course here. Please take care of your physical safety and of course the LED walls. The two gates will be removed from the square by our staff for the duration of the celebration.
Information on fan entry on the side of the main building

We would like to draw the attention of fans in the main building (VVK Sector, Telekom, MVM Gold, 1899 Telekom Lounge and Sky Boxes) leave the building and then follow the first B-Center through the North Marathon Gate.

It is very important that during the post-match scarf-knitting ceremony, elevators will be temporarily unavailable, and the main entrance to the main building will be closed for these few minutes. Anyone who wants to leave the stadium during this time can do so only on the stairs, but only through the underground garage.

The main entrance will reopen at the end of the veil-wearing ceremony, and VIPs wishing to enter the square will be able to enter the square by joining the waiting camp at Marathon’s North Gate.

Be patient, let’s start the celebration together in the field

We are waiting for everyone at the Groupama Arena on Saturday, May 7th for the OTP Bank Liga vs MTK match starting at 7.15pm and the subsequent opening ceremony! Let’s be as many people in the field together on this special evening as possible! There is enough time for fans to enter the square, so the celebration won’t start until everyone is seated.