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The ball rebounded from Raul Gonzalez, and Real Madrid won

Real Madrid suffered after 2021 against the third division Alquiano in the King’s Cup in the eighth final in 2022, but this time managed to win 3-1 with two lucky goals after 1-1.

Militao (left) advanced to Real in the first half (Photo: AFP)


King’s Cup
for the better 16

Alquiano (3rd) – Real Madrid 1-3 (0-1)
Alcoi, 5000
view. led: Alternating current vega
The koiano:
José Juan-Lillo, Blanco (R. Vega (J. García, 80.), El Gezuani. Coach: Vicente Para
real Madrid: Lunyin – Nacho, Militao, Alaba (Vallejo, 86.), Marcelo – Valverde, Casemiro, Camavinga (Isco, 78.) – Rodrygo (Ceballos, 86.), Mariano Díaz (Asensio, 48.), E. Hazard (Kroos ), 78.). Coach: Carlo Ancelotti
Danny Vega (66), sick. Militao (39), Asensio (76), Jose Juan (goal 79)


When Carlo Ancelotti nominated Real Madrid’s starting lineup for the cup match against Alquiano, he wasn’t worried that seven of the 11 selected were on the pitch last year, when, to his surprise, the third-tier side beat Zinedine Zidane by taking control of the capital. Of course, the slight injury to Karim Benzema, as well as the forced absence of Ferlan Mendy, Daniel Carvajal, Luka Modric, Vinicius Jr., Gareth Bale and Luka Jovic, did not make the Italian coach’s task easier.

However, the surprise was that only in the first half did Alcoyano develop a noteworthy position (Real did not even score a shot in 30 minutes), Andrej Lunin looked very uncertain in Real’s goal, and Eden Hazard unimaginably played football up front. There were stages in the first half when Real Madrid, despite having more ball, could barely get past half of their squad.

Regardless, after Rodrygo’s corner Eder Militao Real Madrid led with a header before the break, with fewer hits in the first half than the home team (the home team led 3-2 in 45 minutes). It was Militao who took the lead in the first half of last year.

However, El Quiano equalized in the second half and then won in overtime. The team ranked tenth in the third division was still able to equalize in the second half i.e. Danny Vega Parade top corner shot.

After that, however, last year’s scenario did not continue. First, Raul Gonzalez, the namesake of the former Real Madrid legend, jumped in the gate Marco Asensio fire and then Jose Juan And the goalkeeper got the ball from behind the goal line in the third goal of the Madrid team. So Real did not play well against Alquiano this year either, but they managed to cut back from last year’s defeat and reach the eighth final. 1-3

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King’s Cup
Additional results

Linares (third) – Barcelona 1-2 (Hugo Díaz 19., Ill. O. Dembélé 63., Jutgla 69.)
Ponferadina (II.) –Spanish 1–1 (Yuri from 11-88 and Pedrosa 4) – 11 to 1-3
Cartagena (II.)Valencia 1-2 (Ortuno 75., Ill. Soler 5., Cserisev 90 + 2.)
Eibar (II.)Mallorca 1-2 (Blanco 45., L. Y-Gaya 69., Angel Rodriguez 82.)
Leganes (II.)Real Sociedad 2-3 (J. Munoz 60, 70 and Isak 8, Oyarzabal 43, 74 – the second of 11)

Baleares (III.) – Celta Vigo 2-1
(J. M. Martinez 17., 76., Elaine. Mendes 67.)
Mirandes (Second) – Rayo Vallecano 0-1 (Andres Martin 67.)
Valladolid (Second) – Betis 0-3 (W. Carvalho 24., Think 27., Iglesias 50.)

minute by minute

The match is over, real victories and promoted!

86 minutes Alle was replaced by Vallejo and Rodrygo by Ceballos.

80 minutes Danny Vega was replaced by J. García, and Carbonell was replaced by Revert.

80 minutes Rodrygo received a yellow card.

79 minutes from Instead of saving Carbonell, he hit his teammate at the sixteen streak, so the ball bounced off the set now In front of Isco, whose ball passes to the goal, he hits him outside the goal Jose Guanrul Rebound from behind the goal line. 1-3

78 minutes Cardos replaced Hazard and Isco replaced Camavinga.

76 minutes real progress again! Asensio hit Hazard’s pass from 17 meters, and the ball rebounded from Raul Gonzalez into the home team’s goal. 1–2

71 minutes After a corner on the right, Camavinga headed his head, the goalkeeper took out the ball first and then caught it second.

70 minutes Ferris received a card.

66 minutes Homes are equal, what’s up! Al-Jizwani dropped the ball to Dani Vega, who rushed to the right, who shot a long corner kick from the sharp corner of Casemiro and Militao, eight meters away from a sharp corner!

60 minutes three local exchanges: R. González to replace Blanco, Juli to replace Escudero, I. García to replace Miranda.

59 minutes First home case in this medium. Behind Nacho and Camavinga on the left Andy Escudero He was able to get out, but Lunyin was in the gap when he was shot from an acute angle.

58 min Camavinga At the end of a streak he lost the ball and while kicking a defender he received a yellow card.

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55 minutes Jump to get a high ball Guanan He found Casemiro on the face in exchange for a yellow card.

51 minutes Alaba! Fire left from the right flank 25 yards past the goal.

50 minutes The best player in Real Madrid today, Militao, also criticized two defenders on the right, one of whom distributed an apron, and finally carbonyl Fold a yellow card.

48 minutes The exchange is coming. Diazt Ascencio replaces.

47 min hit. Mariano Diaz She moved to the right edge but did not reach the shot because it stretched before the shot, and also needs to be replaced.

The second Middle East has begun!

The end of the first half! He does not play well, but leads Real Madrid…

43 minutes from the correct syringe Jiswani He tried to flip the gate, but by the time he shot, he was already out of sixteen and hadn’t hit the gate.

42 min Camavinga He drove the ball for a long time, fired from 15 meters but the defenders got in the ball. Angle can follow, and then nacho He tried the scissors, but he didn’t hit the ball well.

Militao scored Real’s goal in the lead last year, and is still at the end of the first half. Then the Hungarians turned around in the second half…

39 minutes of driving REL! Militao reached the left corner of Rodrigo and hit the net from four yards ahead of the goalkeeper. 1–0

37 min Rodrigo Fired from nearly 30 meters next to the gate for lack of a better …

35 minutes of serious shooting! Carlos Blanco His shot came from the right flank but Lunyin was able to block it with an incredible reaction. There was no corner position.

Real have 70-30% of the ball, can’t create situations yet, but sometimes it’s hard to get past even in their own half, the home team’s attack works well.

26 minutes domestic free kick. Escudero hit a free kick in the net, but the goalkeeper saved Lunin.

17 minutes Hazard retreats to the left marcelonac, Who fired from his 16th line, but his attempt was stopped.

15 minutes. Another local attack! Escudero At the end of the solo match on the left he shot into the side net from eight yards.

14 minutes El Gezuani made a good effort to break through from the right, but the home team’s left defense pushed the ball into a corner.

9 minutes Vega drops eight meters from the goal after Militao slipped, but the other Vega, the referee did not see any foul, the match could have continued from a home corner, resulting in no danger.

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4 minutes home modes! Dani Vega managed to convert a goal between two players from Real Madrid and also shot from his sixteen-year streak, but Lunyin saved a corner kick. After the corner, Camavinga put his head into a dribbling ball, then Lunin was unsafe, but in the end the ball became for Real.

3 minutes. Mariano Diaz could have stepped aside in great shape, but he was on the lookout.

The match started. a Real Madrid started in light blue, with blue and white for the home team.


Real Madrid topped the season in La Liga on Sunday with a 1-0 defeat away to Getafe. Head coach Carlo Ancelotti can now improve his home in Third Division Alcoyano in the Copa del Rey, and risks up to the eighth final. Match progress will be determined, and the next round will take place on January 15th.

In 2021, also in the eighth final match, Koyano achieved a big surpriseAnd Real Madrid defeated 2-1 in extra time, Which, through Eder Militao, led to 1-0 after the first half. Alquiano reversed with one goal each for Jose Solbes and Juanan. Militao is still starting at Real Madrid, and one of El Koyano’s top scorers last year, Juanan, is back in the team again this time around.

Real Madrid now joins the 2021-2022 Spanish Cup, while Alcoyano has already passed two rounds, to bid farewell to the developed Levante in the previous round after tying 3-3 with 11 seconds.

Alcoyano, who plays in blue and white, defeated Real last year (Image: Getty Images, archive)

2021 match
Alquiano (third) – Real Madrid 2-1 (0-1, 1-1, 1-1) – is

Alcoi, Colao stadium, behind closed gates. led: Jose Maria Sanchez Martinez
The koiano: Jose Juan – Jordan (Julie, 60.), Primi, Raul Gonzalez Valls, Angel Lopez, Carbonell (Sulpice, 60.) – A. Rubio (Ramon Lopez, 72.), Johnny (Diaquite, 78.), Juanan-Yona (Molto, 60.), Al-Jizwani (Anton, 106.). Coach: Vicente Paras
real Madrid: Lunyin – Odriozola (E. Hazard, 98.), Éder Militao, Chust, Marcelo – Valverde, Casemiro, Isco (Kroos, 98.) – L. Vázquez, Mariano (Benzema, 67.), Vinícius Júnior (Asensio, 91.) ). Coach: Zinedine Zidane
Gulzerzo: Solbes (80), Guanan (115), p. Eder Militao (45.)
issued: Ramon Lopez (109)