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The beautiful model of Down Syndrome wants to change the whole world of fashion: Michaela Holmgren’s inspiring story – beauty and fashion

Michaela Holmgren, 26, is determined to change the world of fashion and is on her way to achieving her goal.

She was actually making history in 2017 when she became the first Down Syndrome model to go to Miss USA pageant and now wants to beat Sport’s Illustrated magazine.

An inspiring story for the Down Syndrome model

After her birth, doctors told her parents that she was not at all sure their daughter would talk or walk. However, Michaela refuted the opinion of experts and worked on an amazing career. She hopes to inspire those born with an extra chromosome like her. She wants to break down barriers that have been created in the world of fashion and modeling, and she wants to prove that nothing is impossible. Although his application to join Sport’s Illustrated has not been accepted, he will not give up and will try again next year.

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Photos: Northfoto, Instagram / mikholmgren_inspiring_others.

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