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The “Belt and Road” is a road that protects people’s new health – China Radio International

China has so far made about 350 billion masks, more than 4 billion protective clothing, more than 6 billion tests and more than 1.7 billion doses of vaccine available to the international community. Since the outbreak of the disease, China has been working with other countries around the world, especially along the “Area One Road”, to build a healthy pathway for human health and safety.

On March 11 this year, the second batch of Covid-19 vaccine manufactured in China arrived in the Hungarian capital, and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban received the shipment at the airport.

“Sinopharma’s vaccine is very good and I’ve had this vaccine as well,” Urban said.

In the video, Urban said, “Look, I’m working in my office and I’m fine. Don’t be afraid to get vaccinated. We are now experiencing the third wave of the epidemic, and the third wave may be more severe than the previous two. We don’t have a choice.”

Urban has previously stated publicly that he trusts the Chinese vaccine and has more confidence in the Chinese vaccine. Vaccinations are the key to restarting the Hungarian economy. The arrival of Chinese vaccines has accelerated the vaccination process in Hungary.

Economist Michele Gerassi, former Italian Deputy Minister for Economic Development, said:

“Members of the Chinese Red Cross Society traveled to Milan, Italy last March to share their experiences. People really want to participate in the transfer of knowledge, science and knowledge should be shared.”

The Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic, recalled:

“When the novel coronavirus epidemic hit Serbia, China offered enormous and selfless help. China is one of the few countries that helped Serbia, and we are very grateful for that!”

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Serbian President Vucic reportedly received the third dose of the Chinese-made Sinopharma vaccine on November 7 and posted pictures on social media to encourage citizens to more actively vaccinate against the novel coronavirus. In April of this year, he received the first and second doses of the Chinese Sinopharma vaccine.

Since the outbreak of the disease, China and countries along the “One Region One Road” have been working generously to help each other in times of trouble. When the local epidemic situation in China improved somewhat, the “One Zone is One Way” cooperation platform was used to send teams of health experts to the affected countries and provide epidemic prevention materials.

Various items, worth hundreds of thousands of euros in emergency aid, have arrived in Albania, said Dr. Marcela Musabilo, executive director of the Albanian Institute for Globalization. To achieve all this, the Chinese side has overcome a number of difficulties and obstacles in situations where the domestic epidemic prevention work still faces serious challenges, the demand for international health care has risen dramatically, and transportation, logistics and air transportation have been halted.

China has so far made about 350 billion masks, more than 4 billion protective clothing, more than 6 billion test kits and more than 1.7 billion doses of vaccine available to the international community, more than 100 countries and many international organizations. The largest global humanitarian operation ever undertaken by China.

According to economist Michele Girassi, former deputy minister of the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, “One Region One Road” is “not just a business trip, but a healthy way to exchange information about vaccinations, prevention and treatment”.

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Chinese President Xi Qing stressed the high-quality development goals of the program at the third “One District One Road” construction conference in Beijing on the 19th, including “strengthening people’s livelihoods”. In fact, this was also the original intention of China’s proposal eight years ago. Deepening political mutual trust, interdependence, unrestricted trade, finance and exchanges between the two peoples, “expanding trade with neighboring countries and encouraging imports of better quality goods”, developing a digital system In order to ensure a high level of development, President Xi took important steps at the symposium . Which gives impetus to building “One Region One Road” to bring better benefits to the world.

In Serbia, a century-old steel mill that made people proud was about to close. The investment of a Chinese company in 2016 led to the revival of this factory. Serbian President Vucic said, “Chinese companies help retain all 5,000 jobs, and our partners can create a total of 50,000 jobs. In a relatively small country like Serbia, that’s a huge number.”

The 50,000 jobs are proof of President Xi’s assertion at the symposium that “the people’s livelihood project is an important way to rapidly improve people’s happiness in building the country together.” ‘High standards’ and ‘sustainable’ progress in building ‘One District is the Way’ are also important aspects of increasing people’s happiness.

President Xi repeatedly spoke of the word “green” at the symposium, stressing the need to support the development of green and low-carbon energy in developing countries and deepen cooperation in ecological environment and climate management. This is China’s continuous effort to promote the joint construction of the “Green Silk Road”.

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Take, for example, the Turgusong Hydroelectric Power Plant in Kazakhstan, which was built by a Chinese company and which could reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 72,000 tons per year after commissioning in July this year. At the recent United Nations General Assembly, President Xi announced that China would no longer build overseas coal projects. This is an important decision to address and take responsibility for climate change. The background color for the joint construction of the “Belt and Road” has become green, and the biggest beneficiaries will be those along the way.