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The Berecz Zsombor glider is an Olympic silver medalist!

Sailor Zsombor Berecz won the Finnding class double medal race, thus winning a silver medal at the Tokyo Olympics. This is the best quintet score in Hungarian sailing history.

European and World Champion Zsombor Berecz cut him to second place in the medal race, but with a real chance of winning the gold. To do this, the Hungarian sailor had to beat the British Giles Scott by at least five places. At the same time, he also had to make sure to keep Spaniard Juan Mendes Cardona at the back.

Peric started superbly while Scott made a mistake, at the end of the first round of the five-lap race, Australian Jake Lilly took the lead ahead of the Hungarian, with the Briton finishing fifth. In the middle of the third lap, Zsombor Berecz overtook Lilley, but Scott slipped to seventh due to a bad float, meaning the Hungarian sailor was in for the gold.

Zsombor Berecz was the first to avoid the last buoy in a superb position and win the medal race, but the Brits had a great time and won the gold by climbing from sixth to fourth.

Zsombor Berecz’s silver medal is the best Olympic result in Hungarian sailing history. The Dieter brothers won their only five medals so far in 1980 in Moscow.

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