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The best Czech head of state can form a new government

The position of the Czech head of state Milos Zeman has improved, he is ready to appoint a successor to Andrei Babis.

The 77-year-old president was admitted to the intensive care unit of the Central Military Hospital the day after the October 10 parliamentary elections, and has now made a statement to the press for the first time since. His illness caused an uneasy situation, as political actors feared a constitutional crisis. As head of state, he should have given the mandate to form the government to the winner of the elections.

Zeman said before the elections that the opportunity comes to the leader of the party that gets the most votes. But he was no longer able to respond from the hospital to the situation that Prime Minister Andrej Babis’ party, the United Nations, was second only to the coalition of opposition parties. The debate was over whether Zeman’s promise could be extended to include Spolo, which combines election-winning, conservative, liberal, and Christian Democratic parties, which are not partisan, or whether, in the basic sense of his words, it applies only to the UN or exactly the head of state. What is the timetable for the formation of the government.

Senate Constitutional Committee He had already spit That due to the state of health of the Head of State, his powers can be delegated to the Prime Minister and the Speaker of Parliament.

Zeman now told Radio Frequency 1. He said he would accept Papis’ resignation and ask Peter Fiala, the leader of the three-party Spolo coalition that won parliamentary elections in October, to form a government.

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The head of state has already been released from the intensive care unit and transferred to another ward of the hospital. No official information about his illness has been disclosed, and Czech newspapers say that there is a problem with the liver. However, in the interview, he said that he eats little and suffers from poor digestion, which is why he was taken to the hospital. He has no intention of resigning and wants to complete his term until March 2023.

Zeman said he spoke by phone with Babis, who tendered his resignation after the new parliament’s first session on Monday. The president said there would be no problem because the outgoing prime minister “doesn’t want to be prime minister. The reason is simple, nobody wants to cooperate with him.”

Babis’ resignation must be delivered to Zeman in person according to the rules of the Czech constitution, but the pandemic is making it impossible to visit hospitals. The new prime ministerial candidate, Fiala, will also receive a video call to form the government.

Czech Republic It will be governed by a coalition of five parties, The winning Spolo coalition consists of three parties from the Berstan (mayors and pirates) coalition that occupies third place. (guardian)