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The beta version of Alaskan Truck Simulator has been released


The game spices up the familiar elements of simulation with a bit of survival.

07.07.2022 17:45 | Jax | Category: game

Perhaps the first thoughts about Alaska are beautiful snow-clad landscapes, special culture, and towering mountains. We will “visit” this seemingly idyllic environment with a truck Alaska Truck Simulatorin. Changing seasons and weather make our journey colorful (or challenging), but aimless roaming remains just a dream.

In the game preview, we can see what we have to pay attention to in and out of the ways.

As in any normal simulator, we have to pay attention to the details. Our truck’s technical condition, fuel level, season equipment and road conditions. At the beginning of the game we will try to make ends meet from simple transportation, and then we will have access to better and better vehicles and equipment. But we always have to drive carefully, because not only can our truck get damaged, but we can also lose the cargo itself, so we can say goodbye to money if we don’t pay enough attention.

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Gameplay Trailer for Alaskan Truck Simulator

Gameplay Trailer for Alaskan Truck Simulator
A new truck simulator is coming next year.
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In Alaskan Truck Simulator, of course, we also have to pay attention to “ourselves”, as our completely normal needs, such as hunger or fatigue, will also appear. Repairing the truck, changing the oil and putting on snow chains will cost you extra time and money, in addition, unexpected difficulties may arise even on the way.

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Alaska Truck Simulator PC demo releasedfollowed by PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S. ■

Alaska Truck Simulator

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