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The Biden administration suspends oil drilling permits issued for the Alaskan wilderness

In his presidential campaign, Joe Biden promised to protect the game’s conservation area. After taking office, he tasked the Home Office with a permit review – read the BBC news portal.

The ministry wrote in a statement on Tuesday that it identified deficiencies in the decision-making process regarding the issuance of permits.

The 78,000 square kilometer wildlife sanctuary is a prime habitat for many animals, including polar bears, caribou, and wolves.

The Trump administration began selling oil exploration permits for this area — roughly 5 percent of the national park — in January. These oil and gas extraction rights are valid for ten years.

However, interest in franchising was low. Due to changes in oil prices, companies have focused more on renewable energy sources. Several large US banks have also indicated that they will not support oil and gas extraction in the region.

According to the Washington Post, the rights to nearly 2,200 square miles have sold for less than $15 million, well below expectations.

Although it is estimated that approximately 11 billion barrels of oil could be hidden in a wildlife sanctuary, the lack of roads and other infrastructure would lead to extraordinary costs of extraction in such an area.

Tribal leaders involved in the case welcomed her and Republicans criticized the Biden administration’s announcement.


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