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The biggest Brexit disaster is brewing –

The “let’s wrestle with this issue somehow” approach may not seem like a government-sponsored endeavor, but according to a political strategist who has also served as a government adviser, it is likely to work. The conduct of the current UK government suggests that this ‘philosophy’ is being followed, so that the future of the island nation depends on whether Prime Minister Boris Johnson can expel the sea of ​​problems caused by the Brexit border. Hopes Robert Shrimsley, domestic policy expert for the Financial Times (FT).

The British Prime Minister and his government are forced to use this method because he insists on a ‘clean’ Brexit and rejects the option of offering a transparent solution. For example, with regard to Northern Ireland, it is the current tensions that are causing the street violence DegradedBritain and the tip of the island of Ireland are placed under a different customs regime than the EU, while the Irish-Northern border is to be kept open. This created an internal customs border in the Irish Sea, where British authorities, as agents of the European Union, were required to carry out standard controls on customs and goods. This is called the Northern Ireland Protocol.

If the UK implements EU agricultural product standards in its own legal order, the Northern Ireland Protocol will not be needed and the British Unionists in Northern Ireland will not think that their country will be separated from the UK and will not revolt against it. This, of course, breeds violence on the nationalist side, where it is considered unacceptable for customs to be carried out on the Irish-Northern Irish border, turning this border into a real dividing line. However, the introduction of EU food standards would make it impossible for the UK to conclude separate trade agreements with other countries, especially the United States, i.e. Brexit would be undervalued.

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Solve the unsolvable

Therefore, the government has no choice but to try to defuse tensions with some firefights, hoping that the parties will stop getting tired of the conflict and retreat. In other words, over time the will of the government will be accepted, this time as London behaves towards the member states of the United Kingdom like the former colonies. The peculiarity of the situation in Northern Ireland is that the British trade unionists voted for Brexit because they thought their country could stick to an independent state with Britain, but on the contrary, Irish integration has changed because there seems to be no other way to stabilize a smooth north path between Ireland and Ireland.

Johnson hopes that if his government sabotages the implementation of the Northern Ireland Code, it will eventually be forcibly adopted by the European Union and the Irish. He hopes the union will not comply with the rules agreed upon again in 2019, and that if they can improve the living standards of the poor Unionist community in Northern Ireland, they will calm down and eventually “everything will be fine.” .

The Scots will go too

The situation is similar in Scotland, where a local government may come to power with the power to call for a Scottish referendum. Rejecting the referendum that the economic and political environment should not worsen further as the epidemic subsides could provide the London Scots with somewhat better public services and money. In fact, it would not be far off from London to give more power to the member state level because nothing would be enough for the nationalists, but to introduce Scottish ethics modeled on Northern Ireland to keep Scotland a member economically. The European Union that most people want.

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According to the FT advertiser, winning time fits Johnson’s personality. He believes that his luck will be diligent and that enemies may make mistakes. In Northern Ireland, however, the easing of tensions has been hampered by the interest of the British Unionist leadership in strengthening sentiment against British Irish ethics, as it is hoped that more votes will be cast in the next local parliamentary elections. In Scotland, a stern rejection of the referendum is just oil.

Johnson can only try to pass if he wants the right Brexit and at the same time avoid falling in the UK, but the risk is huge. The history of the British Empire has long been one of inciting change and suppressing revolts against the empire, but the moment came when this tactic no longer worked.