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The biggest problem in the game will be fixed with an update coming today

While we’re too skinny for several exclusive titles, Housemarque roguelike sci-fi shooter Returnal is sure to be a hit. Critics and players were in attendance for the game, although many of those found the gameplay to be endlessly punitive. Since Returnal is a roguelike game, there was actually no save option in it, so the game can’t be left aside. So, if for some reason someone has to suddenly get up from the console, they should put it to sleep and hope there is no power outage or an automatic update. Housemarque repeatedly indicated at the time that they understand players and try to come up with a solution without losing the essence of the game.

This moment has come of the day, according to Housemarque in a recent post announce On the official PlayStation Blog, a so-called “cycle suspension” feature has arrived in the game, as well as a photo mode. A 2.0. The update is already there, so you can remove it and enjoy one of the biggest titles of 2021 without any additional frustrations.

The essence of the cycle suspension feature is that we can pause the game if life calls us to. So it’s not a save feature, it’s more imaginable than just pausing a movie on Netflix or pausing a DVD. With the feature turned on, you can turn off your PS5 so you don’t have to worry about sleep mode anymore, which means pausing the cycle works even if you close the game. And when Returnal restarts, the game resumes where the cycle was paused.

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The feature has limitations, such as the inability to pause the game during boss fights, replays, internal sequences, or intense battles, but that’s basically the case for most games. And Housemark thought it best not to break these adventures, or else the magic would be lost. Another good news is that the game has also got a portrait mode, which is available in the game at almost any time in addition to the in-game rendering sequence.