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The book Falcon and the Winter Soldier admitted that Sam had a ridiculous paranormal ability

Attention! The article features spoilers about the plot of the Falcon and the Winter Soldier Season 1!

The fact that Sam Wilson finally accepted his fate and picked up the star-striped dress at the end of the Falcon and Winter Soldier season, as well as Captain America’s armor, isn’t really a big surprise, as it happens in the comics. As well. However, in the books, a falcon or an ability hitherto excluded in the Marvel Cinema Universe films and series: it can speak to birds.

unloading He even asked From the show’s runner / scriptwriter, he didn’t consider developing this super ability in “Sam’s Arsenal” while developing The Falcon and Winter Soldier. “I answer that because I don’t think I’m going to get in trouble because of that. The problem came up during discussions, but I don’t think anyone thinks it would be a good solution if you understand what I mean. But Malcolm Spielman, who is also working on Captain America’s fourth scenario, said, Which is supposed to be in preparation but has not yet been officially announced.

Sam Wilson, chirping and gurgling with the relic, would have been pretty silly, but the shrieking hawk no longer looked funny. However, judging by the scriptwriter’s words, this could not be expected in the sequels, although he clearly did not rule out the possibility. (By the way, “bird talk” is not entirely excluded, there are still societies in Turkey whose members communicate in a whistle similar to birds – it is true, of course, that they use this with each other and not chatting with birds.)

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Spielman loves to squander things anyway, but in this interview he no longer refuses to answer whether Sam Wilson should face racial prejudice in Captain 4 of America as well. Maybe Kevin Feige told me not to talk too much? Since the end of the season, we learned from the screenwriter that he wanted Spider-Man to appear in the series, and that the series ended with an almost different title, so why was it necessary for one of the characters to become so unpopular, and that Marvel has a lot to say. They are also working on the movie. However, while we await the latter, here’s the video from yesterday, which revealed a few things about the future of the MCU: