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The British are in very poor health, with only 6 million people on their waiting list

UK Health Secretary Sajid Javed told Britain’s SkyNews that the number of people waiting for surgery and other care on the UK National Health Service’s (NHS) waiting list this year was “just” 5.9 million, up from the 13 million initially estimated. Writes RT.

Secretary of Health of the United Kingdom, Sajid Javed On SkyNews Trevor Phillips In an interview with the host, he assured UK residents: The number of people waiting for surgeries and other care in the UK National Health Service (NHS) lineup this year was less than the 13 million he mistakenly estimated in July.

Sajid Javed, British Minister of HealthFront: AFP / Ben Stansall

According to Javid, there are only 5.9 million patients on the current waiting list, which has expanded from just 5.8 million in September to one lakh new waiting patients in two months.

However, Javed said the queue would definitely be extended to nearly six million before the number of employees starts to decline again as care is restored.

At the time of the epidemic, 7-8 million British patients were out of care because we were asked to do so.The minister added to the long-awaited list.

Boris Johnson Its government has provided an additional 5.9 billion in funding to support the UK healthcare system to get the island’s medical service back on track. However, according to the minister, the expanded budget alone will not solve the situation overnight, as even in the harsh winters, which are generally difficult without epidemics, health workers will again have to face difficulties due to the Govt.

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