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The British are not kidding: England supplies more than 100 armored vehicles to Ukraine

According to a Downing Street report on Saturday night, Johnson told Jolensky that the British government would supply 120 armored vehicles to Ukraine and hand over anti-ship missile systems to the Ukrainian armed forces.

According to a spokesman for the Prime Minister’s Office in London, Britain is supplying the arms to Ukraine in addition to the அறிவி 100 million (more than 45 billion forinders) announced the day before.

The military relief package announced Friday includes 800 anti-tank missiles, other precision missile weapons and Starstreak-type portable aircraft missile systems. London has already delivered a lot to Ukraine from the post-weapons system, whose missiles fly at three times the speed of sound.

In addition to Saturday’s announcement of another arms export, Downing Street also announced that the British government would guarantee a new $ 500 million World Bank loan package to Ukraine on behalf of the Ukrainian government.

According to Johnson’s office on Saturday, the guarantee must be approved by the London Parliament under British law. If approved, the value of the debt that Britain has so far pledged to Ukraine would rise to $ 1 billion.

After a meeting with Downing Street Johnson and Zhelensky on Saturday, he announced that London would liberalize tariffs on exports from Ukraine to Britain and facilitate common customs procedures for most of Ukrainian exports, in line with the commitment of the Ukrainian government. Ukrainian economy.

At a joint press conference after the Kiev talks, Zhelensky said Other Western countries can cite Britain’s British assistance to Ukraine. The Ukrainian president said it was time to announce a full embargo on Russia’s energy imports.

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Johnson told a news conference in Downing Street that he and his British partners had always imposed “severe sanctions” on Russia every week. According to the British Prime Minister, this means not only freezing Russian assets in banks and punishing Russian oligarchs, but also moving the world away from the use of Russian hydrocarbons.

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