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The British herd seems to have reached immunity

Tim Specter, head of the epidemiology department at King’s College London, has said that the corona virus outbreak in Britain is no longer nationwide. Hungarian nation. According to the data, the island nation has reached the immunity of herds.

The researcher told Sky News Britain’s Business News on Friday that they estimate that on average there is only a one in a thousand chance of a corona virus infection leading to Govt-19 symptoms. Specter added it Britain is already on the verge of an epidemic, The country is also characterized by low epidemic localities that do not cover a wide population. The expert also spoke of a significant change in epidemiological statistics: in January, about seventy thousand new infections were recorded in a single day, and in recent days the number of new patients has not reached three thousand.

Two nurses speak on a memorial wall in memory of British victims of the corona virus outbreak in central London on April 27, 2021.Source: MTI / EPA / Andy Rain

The risk will never be zero, but data show that we have reached herd immunity

The professor explained.

In the UK, about twenty million people already live in areas where there have been no deaths due to corona virus infection throughout April. In January, less than fifty thousand people lived in such an area. Statistics also show that the number of corona virus infections is significantly lower in areas where there were no deaths in April. These areas include Scotland, as well as several districts in the southeast of England, the northeast of England and the northwest of England.

I am concerned about the elderly who have already received both vaccines. They need to be very independent and they need to meet each other

Specter added that he did not accept the government’s decision that strict restrictions were in place in the country.

DescriptionSource: Anatolia Agency via AFP / 2021 Anatolia Agency / Hassan Essen

According to the government’s website, members of different households can only meet each other in limited numbers and, if possible, insist on working from home. Leading politicians continue to urge people to follow epidemiological rules, and if they are notified, they go to get vaccinated. Confidence in vaccines has been on the rise in the UK since the end of last year. According to a recent poll conducted by King’s College London, more than eighty percent of those surveyed believe the vaccine is safe and effective. By the end of 2020, only seventy percent of respondents thought about vaccines.

In the UK, more than fifty percent of people have already received the first dose of the corona virus vaccine.

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