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The British local elections are over and the results will be out by the weekend

In Scotland, seats were to be taken in the 129-member Edinburgh Parliament and in Wales in the 60-member Local Assembly. In the UK, voters in 143 council districts were able to cast their ballots for nearly 5,000 candidates, and voters were able to cast their ballots for 25 councilors and mayors in London City Hall.

A significant portion of the series of elections known as election super Thursdays should have taken place at this time last year, but the British government postponed the election last March due to an outbreak of the crown virus. This is the main reason why one day various elections were held across the country.

In London, Sadiq Khan, the current mayor of the opposition Labor Party, ran for a second term. His main rival is the ruling Conservative Party candidate Shawn Bailey.

The biggest role in the Scottish Parliamentary referendum is to achieve what the ruling Scottish National Freedom Party (SNP) in Scotland has achieved, as the SNP can once again form a government with a large parliamentary majority, which is often a major impetus for another referendum. Preparing. The referendum on independence was already held in September 2014, but at that time 55 per cent of the participants voted not to separate Scotland from Britain.

However, in a June 2016 referendum on British EU membership, the narrow national average of 51.89 per cent voted to leave, while 62 per cent of Scots also voted for EU membership.

Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon, the leader of the SNP, has repeatedly voiced his opinion that another referendum is needed on Scotland’s independence because Scotland was forced to leave the EU, despite the clear intention to stay, mostly because of the English vote.

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Sturgeon has said in several statements that he believes Scotland can return to the EU as an independent country in a relatively short period of time.

Already in January, the SNP presented a draft for another independent referendum. The document stated that if the SNP could form a government again after the Scottish parliamentary elections in May, it would ask the British government in Scotland to delegate to the Scottish Parliament the exclusive power to draft a referendum law. According to the draft, a stable situation would arise if the British government rejected this request.

However, British Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson has repeatedly said he does not want to contribute to another Scottish referendum because he believes the 2014 referendum has solved the problem for one generation.

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