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The British were taken to the European Court of Human Rights due to the Rwandan refugees fleeing

The European Court of Human Rights halted the UK’s plan at the last minute, and prevented the Rwandan refugees from fleeing, which would have likely been largely empty anyway.

The UK is finding it increasingly difficult to deal with a wave of refugees, as more than 10,000 illegal immigrants this year left the French coast for Great Britain, who were forced to be picked up by the British Coast Guard in British territorial waters. The English Channel and brought to the mainland.

Therefore, the British came up with the idea of ​​\u200b\u200bsettling them in Rwanda: they concluded a contract with the state that they would be accommodated in a compound there while their asylum applications were being processed.

However, according to preliminary news, almost no one wanted to choose this forced solution, and the flight took off almost empty, and in the end it was not even able to take off thanks to the European Court of Human Rights. Because they boarded within an hour and a half before the scheduled take-off time and kept the plane on the ground, which was to carry only seven refugees.

But all this did not satisfy Boris Johnson and his interior minister, whose refugee policy is under attack anyway. The prime minister immediately indicated that he would withdraw his country from the European Convention on Human Rights, and also accused lawyers of “exploiting refugees” and “helping human traffickers.” .

Conservative MPs have not yet endorsed the deal, saying it would limit free trade agreements with countries with questionable human rights practices, and immediately began calling for a withdrawal.

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Home Secretary Priti Patel, who is herself the daughter of Indian immigrants, said they would not back down and insist that we “control our nation’s borders”. The Rwandan government announced that it was still ready to fulfill what it had agreed upon in the treaty and to receive arrivals from the British.

The Infostart It stated that the European Court of Human Rights prevented the charter plane from taking off due to the case of a 54-year-old Iraqi asylum seeker believed to have been tortured in his country, and it was reported that the board of directors did not. See an assurance that they will be able to judge the applicants’ case fairly in Rwanda.

The Daily Telegraph wrote that despite the sanctions, the Russian judge was still serving on the council until mid-September, adding that the court refused to identify the judges who looked into the case. According to the wording of the paper, judges from countries with questionable human rights practices, such as Hungary and Azerbaijan, can also be found among 47 lawyers.