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The Call of Duty series has reached an impressive sales stage, but Warzone is also doing well

Well, these numbers really deserve to be called amazing. Call of Duty is official website It was announced that Warzone already has 100 million players. But what’s even more surprising is that, with the CoD franchise in total, 400 million copies have been sold. To understand the pedigree, Minecraft is the best selling video game in the world with 200 million traffic copies.

Early in the end of 2020, Activision talked about 100 million people simultaneously playing various parts of CoD, but now its free battle royale mode that delivers that performance alone. The first Call of Duty was released in 2003, and since then, it has featured 18 major episodes. That is, (except for 2004) CoD appears every year. The final installment is Black Ops Cold War, the details of which have yet to be revealed. Although there are rumors about this year’s battlefield of course.

Life around Call of Duty continues anyway now, and they recently blew the Warzone track back into ’80s style (you can see what it looks like now in the video above). Meanwhile, the free game and Black Ops Cold War also started their third joint season.

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