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The campaign to search for yachts by the Russian oligarch is weak

We have already written about the places where Russian billionaires are fleeing their ships. Ship tracking data also shows that more and more Russian-owned mega yachts are turning to “safe havens” like the Maldives to avoid potential confiscation due to sanctions against Russia.

Shipping trackers testify that many Russian yachts have already arrived at or sailed to a safe port. To the ports of countries that have not concluded an extradition treaty with the United States. These countries include Montenegro, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the United Arab Emirates. The Maldives is also a “safe haven” for Russian mega-yacht owners who want to avoid sanctions.

As we have already written, the French authorities confiscated a giant 86-meter yacht called the Armore Vero in the port of La Ciotat, and repairs were carried out on it in one of the ship repair shops. The yacht can be linked to former Deputy Prime Minister Igor Ziyksin, who is called Darth Vader in business circles. But as a result of the declared capture campaign, the European and American authorities have so far been able to show only this one ship.

The 2,100-ton Titan, which escaped to the Maldives, was built in 2010 at the Abeking & Rasmussen plant.

At least five of the largest ships currently moored in or near the Maldives are owned by Russia. Among them is the 140-meter Triumph Ocean, which is said to belong to steel businessman Viktor Rasnikov, the 78-meter giant, owned by Russian billionaire Alexander Abramov (not to be confused with Roman Abramovich, owner of the Chelsea football club) , and the 73-meter-high Cleo, which is attached to Oleg Deripaska’s aluminum magnet. There are many boats around the capital, Male.

The 143-meter Ocean Victory was built in 2014 at the Fincantieri factory in Muggiano.

Europe has been slow so far, and Biden is verbally tough

The United Kingdom was the first to order the closure of ports from Russian merchant ships, but the superyachts were not seized. That is why the British authorities are already under criticism.

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According to Marine Trade News, there is conflicting news about the alleged seizure of the 156-meter Dilbar in Germany, which was built by Lürssen in 2014, and owned by Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov. The Dilbar, with a value of $600 million on our brand, is currently the world’s largest yacht by gross tonnage. The ship is undergoing a transformation at the Blohm und Voss shipyard in Hamburg. Various sources spoke of his detention and the workers did not continue working on him earlier this week. But a spokesman for the Hamburg Economic Authority was not aware of the matter, telling Reuters he had said: “I don’t know if I plan to hand the yacht over to its owner.” Translated into Hungarian, this means that there is nothing to be done while the ship is partially dismantled in the workshop …

In his usual parochial manner, Joe Biden stated that he was ruthlessly “hunting” the assets of the Russian oligarchs, including their yachts. But so far, in six days, it has only meant visa restrictions, asset freezes on US soil and real estate bans. In a tweet on Twitter posted last Saturday, the White House said: “Next week we will launch a multilateral transatlantic task force to identify, chase, and freeze the assets of Russian companies and sanctioned oligarchs — yachts, castles, and other illicit assets belonging to them. Law.” (The quote is not from Brian’s life by Monty Vuitton. All the similarities are the work of chance.)

The 546-ton Polaris was built in 2021 at the Rossinavi plant in Italy.

According to a report by Malta Today, this morning, Russian billionaire Maxim Subarev belongs to the 70.2-meter Polaris rover moored in Bergo. Subarev is the president of the Setl Group, one of the largest financial and industrial unions in Russia. Neither Suparev nor the Seattle Group is currently on the sanctions list, and Suparev was reportedly in 2018 while implementing an investment program in the island nation to become a Maltese citizen. It is not yet known what effect this will have on EU sanctions or whether your ship is at risk of being seized.

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Vladimir Putin sent his super yacht out of Russian waters into Russian waters before the attack.