The new SUV with a green plate, which was unveiled two weeks ago, can already be ordered in Hungary.

a Volkswagen ID.4 And the Skoda Stylish IV Considered a sister model Audi Q4 e-tronról In mid-April the veil has fallen off and is really different Priced In Hungary.

The Q4 e-throne is the cheapest for 16.6 million HUF, as it costs the base model with 170 hp and a WLTP range of 335 km, which is powered by a battery with a net capacity of 52 kWh.

The base price for the version equipped with an electric motor of 204 hp and a network with a net capacity of 77 kWh is 19.1 million HUF. This design has a WLTP rated range of 512 km. The top model with 299 HP all-wheel drive and a range of 488 kilometers opens at 21.4 million HUF.

In comparison, the base Hungarian price for a 204 hp VW ID.4 engine could be pushed home after paying 17.4 million HUF and a 148 hp Skoda Enyaq iV at least 14.5 million HUF. The latter type recently had a large battery version of 204 hp I mentioned in a detailed test.

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