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The City-Pool Final can still come with unrealistic results

It takes two absolutely insane outcomes to conduct a League Final for the first time in Premier League history. Let us show you what those results are!

It is good to play with the idea that even in the Premier League Klopp and Guardiola will win each other (Picture: AFP)

After Liverpool beat Southampton away from home on Tuesday evening 2-1, Mathematically, there is still a chance that Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp will close the Premier League 2021-2022 season in all respects. If that happens, the league final should take place between Liverpool and Manchester City.

And what do you need for that? Well that’s it He finished 5-5 on Liverpool at home with Wolverhampton, While Manchester City are supposed to suffer a 6-0 defeat to Aston Villa at the Etihad Stadium.

After the two invalid results, both teams will have the same score (90) and goal difference (+66), and both sides will remain the same in terms of goals scored (96) and goals scored (30). Results can be dumped against each other in the trash, with both times ending up as runners-up in 2 to 2 races.

There has never been a playoff in the history of the Premier League, and no matter how exciting the idea of ​​a final might be, we won’t be putting a lot of money into changing it this year.

Sunday May 22
Angol Premier League
Round 38
5:00 pm:
Manchester City – Aston Villa – Live on a UFO!
5:00 pm: Liverpool – Wallerhampton Wanderers – Live on a UFO!

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