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The company that paid the Antal Rogan Award has concluded another successful year

Antal Rogan, inventor of the electronic signature procedure jointly with Balázs Csik and Csaba Lengyel, has been filing with the Hungarian Patent Authority since 2015, written by Formerly the freedom of the people.

The company that purchased and exploited the invention in 2016, a MobilSign Kft. Since 2017, he has been paying an “invention exploitation fee” to the Fides politician and is also a minister annually. Rogan has received a total of HUF 830 million since 2017, based on his statements of assets. Writes In a recent article dated

Company A spit According to his 2021 report, he had net sales revenue of HUF 720 million – showing that 57 percent of the revenue, HUF 408 million, was paid as “invention use fee” to Antal Rogan, who holds no position. In the company, it is currently owned by Balázs Csik. Ltd. It closed last year with an after-tax profit of HUF 65 million, of which a cash dividend of HUF 30 million will be paid to the owner.

MobilSign had an average of 12 employees in 2021, with a total salary cost of 133 million and a contribution payment of 84 million. The company’s balance sheet includes an amount for other employee expenses roughly equal to the invention fee paid to Rogan each year, the article says.

The company generated a profit of 30 million plus sales of 446 million in 2020, when an “invention use fee” of HUF 157.8 million was paid to Rogan.