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The controversy doesn’t stop there: Red Bull says the problem isn’t the rules, it’s the Mercedes

As is known, even before last weekend’s Canadian Grand Prix, the FIA ​​informed Formula 1 teams about a new technical directive that will make this year’s cars uncomfortable. He wants to rein in the so-called “dolphins” in order to keep competitors safe and healthy. Starting at the British Grand Prix, the federation is expected to inspect the wear pads and sliders on the underside of the cars, their design and wear, and establish a scale based on the car’s vertical motion as a maximum level of vertical oscillations. In essence, then, it’s about figuring out which stall race car bounces so much that it can’t engage in more fights.

FIA decision He sparked serious controversy in the F1 circuitespecially after mercedes He arrived at the competition site in Montreal with a second floorboard-mountable stiffener, as approved by the assembly in technical guidance – just before the weekend. All of this has left rivals dumbfounded, suspecting the German team might have known in advance what was going to happen.

Christian Horner, Red Bull Your team leader thinks The problem is not with the new rules of Formula 1, but simply with MercedesThey couldn’t come up with a suitable car for the 2022 championship season.

When asked if the Dolphin controversy was more political than safety, Horner replied, “The problem was more serious or more serious for Canada than any other car. And it undoubtedly depends on the team. It’s under their own control to deal with when not.” influenced by others.”

“I know they say other riders are complaining too. On the other hand, our competitors have never complained about Dolphin because of. It is said that in the case of some tracks this can be resolved by arranging the track and possibly re-paving it in some places. But we have no problem with rebounding. The problem is that they use their car very strictly. I think their concept is the problem, not the rules.”

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Horner says Not impressed with the way the FIA ​​entered On the eve of the Canadian Grand Prix with new technical guidance and difference Fears that it is highly questionable how Mercedes could suddenly come up with a second goal for the weekend in Montreal so quickly suggest that the German fold may have known in advance what was going to happen.

“There’s a process for introducing things like that. What I found particularly disappointing is the second stiffener. That should be discussed in a technical forum, and it’s all open to solving one team’s problem – it’s just the team that came here with two more goals before technical guidance.”

FIA anyway This week you will meet with the technical directors of the Formula One teamsTo negotiate issues related to the dolphins, but Horner says no drastic steps need to be taken, as by 2023 all teams will overcome this.

The most intelligent talent in the world works here, so things will converge. I doubt we’ll be sitting here again next year talking about the bounce — even if we leave the rules alone. These cars are still fairly new. I think as the teams come up with improvements, we’ll start working on these issues. You simply cannot change the technical rules during the season from an abrupt start.”

“If a car is dangerous, the team shouldn’t deploy it, they have a choice. And if the FIA ​​feels a car is dangerous, they have the black flag at their disposal!”