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The coolest nocturnal phenomenon of summer is coming tomorrow: you’ll regret it if you miss it

Worth sitting on the patio in the evening!

© Red Zeppelin on Unsplash

We don’t like it as summer comes to an end, because it also means fall is coming soon and with it the end of the beach season. But there are also great moments in this period, and some are too night sky We have to win!

Perseids meteor shower (Which is the most amazing of the year shooting star Bring) We have to wait a bit for their arrival, as they are usually very popular in mid-August, but it’s worth watching the night sky now! Alpha Capricornids and South Delta Aquarids have arrived, and the cap is expected to drop on July 30th! The former promises relatively few sightings, as there are only a few during the night shooting star It brings with it (although it is clearly bright and slowly crosses the sky), while we can pinch 3-4 meteors per hour from the latter.

Either way, in such sweltering heat, it could be an excellent choice for an evening stroll in the park anyway, which is then a little meteor watching You can follow!

And if you don’t want mosquitoes to pinch in the meantime, let’s show you the trick to keep them away:

If you read a little on the network, then almost everywhere you will find that mosquitoes do not tolerate certain smells at all.  It is no coincidence that even mosquito repellent sprays often have a strong smell of lemon!  The latter is by no means a favorite of theirs, and they are reluctant to go into an environment they understand.  So when we sit on the balcony talking in the evening, the citronella candles always come out, and we've tried incense with this smell for the same purpose before.  The result was effective because they tweaked less, but the result was not 100%, so we added some other tricks.

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