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The Coronavirus has reshaped the global economy

The coronavirus epidemic has caused one of the deepest recessions of the modern era in many countries, but the extent of the downturn varies from country to country. The United States, China, Japan and Germany are still the four largest economies, but there have been trade-offs in the list of the 10 largest economies. These were compiled on the basis of IMF projections previously CNBC. Nominal GDP has been calculated in US dollars, which shows the size of the economies, not their level of development.

The UK was the fifth largest economy, overtaking India from 2019-2020 (the Asian country topped the UK list recently). However, the overshoot is temporary, as the International Monetary Fund expects India to regain fifth place in 2023. In India, double-digit growth could be this year, according to projections earlier this year, but economists warn that the rally may be Less due to the rapid rise in the number of coronavirus cases.

Brazil fell out of the top ten, and in 2019 Canada ranked 10th. Brazil has completely dropped to 12th, and by 2026 it will not return and will be in the top ten. South Korea reached the top ten. The epidemic is also big in Brazil. On the other hand, South Korea has been one of the most successful countries in managing the epidemic to date.

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