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The countries of the Mediterranean are already moving

There is more and more evidence of a forthcoming re-launch of the travel market in Western Europe, as the Spaniards, Portuguese and British also set new dates for opening the borders.

The tourism market in European countries has been suffering from the consequences of the Coronavirus epidemic for exactly a year, but according to statistics, the desire to travel is constantly increasing among people, including Hungarians. More and more people will be heading to domestic or foreign destinations. Associated with this is the fact that all information about the opening of tourism is happily received by people. Various possibilities emerge, one after the other, according to which an especially optimistic prognosis appears. Canada’s tourism portal, Travel off Path, has now gathered new news that the season will likely relaunch on the continent in the summer or possibly as early as May.

See Portugal again

In the Land of Lutherans, the number of casualties has decreased so much in recent weeks that the leaders of the sector have also been lured by the encouraging statements. For example, Minister of State for Tourism, Rita Marquez, told the BBC that although non-essential roads are still not permitted, restrictions will be lifted in a very short time – perhaps as early as April 1 – and not just Those who have been vaccinated but those who have been vaccinated. Negative test results, even for people who have contracted the disease and become immune.

Madrid trusts the vaccine

Spanish Tourism Minister Maria Reyes Marotto announced a few days ago that the government plans to open the tourism sector with a vaccination rate of 30-40 percent. Given the current trend, Madrid could reach this level as early as May. However, some Spanish provinces allow guests with a vaccine passport to enter their territory, without waiting for the possibility of a slippery national opening. These include Ibiza, where they are already working on introducing a vaccine certification program.

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Britain has already decided

The Boris Johnson government decided to lift the travel ban in the UK on May 17. Players in the industry and those looking to travel can also start preparing for the season, not only in the British Isles but also in other European countries where there is already a huge shortage of English and Scottish guests. Airlines, including Hungary-based Wizz Air, can breathe a sigh of relief, with planes taking off from London or Manchester flying to dozens of destinations by the end of May.

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Greece on its own roads

Athens has distinguished so far among the countries of the European Union, as it has expanded the range of countries not belonging to the group from which it will receive tourists. In Greece, in addition to the list of countries proposed by the Union, travelers from Israel, the Emirates and Russia are also welcome. Tourism Minister Harris Theoharis said: “We welcome tourists if they are vaccinated before the trip, if they get a negative test result, or if their bodies are producing antibodies, but we will also run random tests.”

Paris will not be broken

Although France has the most active sufferers after the United States, with about 3.7 million infections, last Thursday the Paris government also expanded the list of countries that can no longer enter the country unless in urgent need. In addition to Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, and Japan, the United Kingdom and Israel are now on the bright list.

Vaccination is preferred

So far, five European Union countries have announced that Covid-19 vaccine recipients from other European Union countries can enter their lands without restrictions. However, in addition to Romania, Cyprus, Lithuania, Poland and Iceland, it is rumored that Greece, Portugal, Spain and Denmark may make similar decisions soon. For the summer semester, they can extend admission to countries outside the European Union.

And the ship goes

Not many people realize it, but the fact is that the largest passenger freight company in the Mediterranean, the Mediterranean Shipping Company, has been calling the Italian, Maltese and Greek ports for weeks, and will also depart Croatia, Montenegro and Albania from May. Britain also said that the opening on May 17 will also apply to cruises, which means that from then on, British ports could also join international circulation.

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