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The court said that the PSD dismissed his coach out of revenge

The court said in an initial ruling that because of his criticism of the new university model, SZFE, which was already in foundation form, fired one of its coaches, Anna Faure, in retaliation.

Anna Fore has worked since 2017 at the University of Theater and Film Arts as a researcher and then as a lecturer. His contract expired in February 2020, when he decided to stay home for a while due to his two-year-old twin and the viral situation.

In September 2020, SZFE re-concluded a contract with the coach, already under the new base model. Despite the previous employment, the new contract also included a probationary period, so the SZFE administration terminated it, since there is no need to justify the termination during the probationary period. On November 30 last year, Faure immediately received his dismissal, on November 25, by mail, signed by the acting president of the university, Emil Novak.

According to Anna Faure, they got rid of her because she participated in the FreeSZFE movement, a strike of university workers, and she also made a film about the events of the university’s occupation. So, in the middle of February lawsuit against your employer.

“The decision is unworthy, trivial, professionally unacceptable. A process that appears legitimate and lacking in humanity”

– SZFE teachers said.

Friday’s lower court ruling states that the SZFE employees’ strike was a private form of expression, and Anna Faure was dismissed because she participated in that expression, and stood against her employer. The labor lawsuit was filed by Al-Hurriyat Company.

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