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The Croats closed Pino with gold and ours with silver

The Hungarian men’s water polo team played an 11-11 draw with Spain in the third, final round of the Beno Cup on Margaret Island, and finished second in the tournament behind Croatia, who now leads Russia to 21-11.


The last day of the Beniu Cup started with a match between Croatia and Russia, in which our southern neighbors scored a 21-11 victory. Thanks to their success, they got an insignificant advantage on the table over our team, so they won the championship – and the Russians finished in last place.

After the battle for the gold medal, our team jumped into the pool for the silver medal against the Spaniards. The Hungarian team was the first to take the lead in the match Balázs Hárai But in the first quarter, the Spaniards who reversed the mission won.

The four Hungarian goals scored in the second half of the match were absolutely necessary for us to keep up with the guests, who also won in the third quarter: in the last eight minutes, the teams went into a fight at the chin 7-7.

He started with the Spanish lead in the final poetry after that Shepherd Matthias Equation of human advantage, and since then the teams have taken turns scoring goals. The last blow to the meeting Martin Vamos Obtained (11-11). With a draw, Hungary maintained second place ahead of the Spaniards with a better goal difference.

Water polo
Benno Cup, Men’s Preparation Tournament (Margaret Island)
Round 3
Hungary-Spain 11-11 (1–2, 4–2, 2-3, 4–4)
Budapest, boat pool, 2,300 spectators. Fifth: Pires (Croatian), Galkin (Russian).
Hungary: NAGY V. – Manhercz K. 1, Dennis Farga 2, customs 2, hurray 1, Transylvanian 1, Jansik S. exchange: Angel, Mazay, Zalinki 1, Hassanyansky 1, shepherd 2. Federal Captain: Tamas Marks
Spain: Lopez Pinedo – Famera, Perón 2, Monares 1, Del Toro, F.; Fernandez 1, Larumby 1. exchange: busts 1, Tahoe 1, Malarash, Granados 4, Sanhoga. Federal Captain: David Martin
Goal – of human benefit: 9/5, sick. 7/4. The goal – a double human advantage: 1/0, sick. 2/1. Target – from five meters:
1/2, sick. 2/2. focused on: Sanahuja (22. p.), Bustos (29. p.). In the other match: Croatia and Russia 11-21
master balance sheet
Tamas Marks: – I felt progressing from one game to the next, it was our best match in the Pino Cup, and our stats improved well in defense. Tactically we had the hardest thing against the Spaniards because they are very fast, well prepared and the day-to-day format between the two teams always decides if they can decide the match either way – not recently.
David Martin: This match was an excellent training opportunity for both teams before the Olympics. The Hungarian team is very strong, there is also a chance to win the Olympics, if we play against the Hungarians, the fans will always have a good time. It is always an unbelievable experience to play water polo in Budapest and I am also glad we were here and saw from my team in this match.

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Croatia-Russia 21-11 (4-4, 4-2, 6-2, 7-3)
Makan 2, Fatowic, Lunkar 3, Bokic 2, Vukisevic 4, Milos, Lusina, Obradovic 3, Benek 2, Il. Kiszelev 3, E. Vasziljev, Sztepanov, Merkulov, I. Vasziljev 2, Bicskov 2, Sepelev 1

The final result: 1. Croatia 9 (48-33), 2. Hungary 4 (41-38), 3. Spain 4 (37-37), 4. Russia zero (36-54)