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The crossroads are the Audi Q5 and BMW X3

It will be the first plug-in hybrid in the brand’s offering, but the cheaper self-charging system has also been greatly improved. Here are the first images and data about the second generation of the new NX, which could present an interesting challenge to the Audi A5, BMW X3 and other European luxury SUV models.

Sales of the new NX will begin in Europe in the last quarter of 2021. Click on the image, the gallery opens!Source: Lexus

Presented in 2014 First NXOne of the most important Lexus models. On the other hand, because it is fighting for customers in one of the most popular segments in the world, mid-range RVs, Where more than a million have been cultivated worldwide so far and 170,000 in Europe, On the other hand, because it was the first Lexus for 70 percent of its owners. The second generation at the end of the year will have to repeat this success, for which there is a great chance thanks to improvements (95 percent of its parts are new).

From the outside, it is very similar to the old

The easiest way to identify the new NX is by the light bar that connects the taillightsSource: Lexus

In terms of design, Lexus has taken the direction it started with its predecessor, there has been no drastic change in appearance, and it is easy to confuse old with new. The brand’s spindle grille, coupe-like roofline, and side profile with contoured edges have been retained, but the design has been adapted to today’s fashion, with a center-back LEXUS embossing, oval logo, and lights connected to an illuminated LED light strip.

The movement of the tailgate, previously criticized for its slowness, is now twice as fast, opening and closing in just 4 seconds.Source: Lexus

Dimensions hardly changed: Both 4660mm long and 1865mm wide are 20mm larger than before, Height increased by 5 mm. The wheelbase has been extended by 30mm to allow more legroom in the second row, with the front track width increased by 30mm and rear by 59mm providing better cornering stability.

Length increased by 2 cm and wheelbase increased by 3 cm. A 20″ rim is already available for the NXSource: Lexus

The GA-K platform, known from Toyota Camry, RAV4 and Lexus ES, not only pushed the center of gravity 20 mm to the rear, but also increased the torsional rigidity of the body. The roof pillars are reinforced with one of the highest steels in the world (1470 MPa), thanks to the double-locking mechanism, the aluminum hood already strengthens the entire structure, and the vibrations caused by the vortices in the front of the car are also reduced.

Driver-oriented artificial wall, personal assistant

The 14-inch touch screen is huge, but at an additional cost. The quality looks good, but that’s not surprising for a LexusSource: Lexus

The new dashboard concept is named Tazuna (the Japanese word refers to the way a rider steers a horse using reins), and is intended to allow the driver to control the ride in an intuitive manner with as few eye, head and hand movements as possible. Car. to this end The instrument panel almost surrounds the driver, The displays act as a source of information and the control switches and buttons are arranged in separate groups, roughly in one place. The head-up display always shows the capacitive button on the steering wheel being touched, so the driver does not have to look down.

This is the first Lexus to get the next generation infotainment systemSource: Lexus

The NX has an all-new digital personal assistant (Hey, a Lexus can raise it) and a multimedia system, base touch screen (Link Connect) is 9.8, premium (Link Pro) 14 inches, processor speed system 360, wireless and phone charging increased by 50 percent. Navigation is now cloud-based, so destination routing is updated according to real-world traffic conditions (Data traffic will be charged by Lexus for 4 years). Apple CarPlay already works wirelessly, but Android Car still needs the cable. The Lexus Link app can be used to connect to the NX remotely, and the plug-in version can also be used for charge control.

Bold color combinations are also availableSource: Lexus

An important change is that it is electric Microtransformers have replaced internal knobs Lexus engineers, which increases not only comfort, but also safety, as it will not allow the car to open the door if the approach of the car is detected by the blind spot monitoring system.

It can already be charged from an electrical outlet

The F Sport gets a sharper visual package and a more compact chassis, but it’s no stronger than the standard version الإصدارSource: Lexus

The NX comes with four petrol engines, two of which are hybrids. The power of the promising 2.5-liter (350 h) self-charging system was increased from 197 to 242 hp, reducing the acceleration time from 9.3 to 7.7 seconds. I am especially pleased that, despite the high power, consumption has decreased by 10 percent, to about 6 liters according to the WLTP standard.

The NX’s chassis and steering were tuned by Lexus engineers on the factory test track with the help of the racers, with the goal of providing more agile behavior and more feedback.Source: Lexus

It will also be possible to purchase the NX 350h with front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive, while the new plug-in hybrid (450h), which receives a green license plate at home, will only be available with all-wheel drive. The Toyota RAV4 Plug-in Hybrid Only a slightly different engine from its system promises an electric range of 63 km, which is 12 km less than the sister model. The system output is 306 hp in the same way, and the acceleration of 6 seconds is no different. The press told him that the 450h’s trunk is no smaller than the trunk of a self-loading hybrid.

The LED headlights look like they came from the recently updated ISSource: Lexus

In Eastern Europe, the NX will also be available with a 2.4-liter, 199-horsepower, 2.4-liter, 279-horsepower turbocharged engine, and we probably won’t get those variants due to higher CO2 emissions.

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