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The Czech Republic seeks compensation of 50 million euros from Poland

The Poles have offered compensation of 40 million euros, Hobakova said, adding that the Czech government will return to the case on Wednesday. Hubácková said that it must also be decided whether Czech-Polish talks on Turów will continue at the ministerial level or whether the issue will be moved to the prime ministerial level.

There is also no agreement between the parties as to how long the Turów mine should remain under the supervision of the European Court of Justice. The minister noted that Prague sticks to its previous 10 proposal, while Warsaw wants the supervision to last only two years.

At the same time, the two sides agreed on the need to resume negotiations as soon as possible, which were interrupted last fall due to parliamentary elections in the Czech Republic. “It would be ideal if we could negotiate again by the end of January,” said Hobakova, who has already negotiated with her Polish partner Anna Moskowa in Warsaw on Tuesday.

A dispute arose between the Turów surface lignite mine near the Czech border between Prague and Warsaw after the Polish government extended the license to operate the mine until 2044, and a decision was made to expand open-pit lignite mining, primarily to the Czech border. Prague fears that the operation of the mine will deplete the area’s water reserves, increase noise and air pollution.

Martin Bota, head of the Liberec region near the Polish border who is particularly involved in the Turów mine, told Czech News Television (CT24) on Friday that open issues should be resolved by the heads of government, and any further developments would depend on the heads of government’s agreement.

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The Czech government, led by former Prime Minister Andrej Babis, lodged a complaint with Poland at the European Commission in 2020 and then took the matter to an EU court. At the end of May last year, the European Court of Justice ordered Poland to suspend all activities in the mine. Warsaw did not comply with the request, so the court ordered Poland to pay a fine of 500,000 euros per day to the European Commission at the end of September.

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