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The Czechs have already saved everyone they wanted to save from Afghanistan

Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis said in Prague on Thursday that the Czech rescue operation in Afghanistan had already ended.

Babis said the Czech army’s private planes overturned three times in Kabul and took home all Czech diplomats and their family members, Czech soldiers and Afghans collaborating with the Czechs with their family members.

“We have in total brought 170 Afghan nationals to the Czech Republic whose lives are at risk,” the prime minister said at a press conference. Czech planes also brought back two Polish citizens and four Slovaks.

The Afghans are now in quarantine and the authorities are discussing their future with them. Many people want to go to Germany or France, where they have relatives and acquaintances.

“The Czech Republic evacuated everyone who was on the Foreign Ministry list. The rescue was a small miracle,” Foreign Minister Jakob Kolhanek said.He did not rule out the possibility that there were people in Kabul who also cooperated with the Czechs, and Afghanistan would save them from the allies. The State Department has so far learned of two of these Afghans, but they are already on a US plane. However, they also had information that there were other Afghan families near the Czech airport who had contact with the Czechs.

According to Interior Minister Jan Hamacek, Prague does not expect to send a private jet again to Afghanistan yet.

The foreign minister said Afghanistan would still need help, noting that Czech diplomacy would continue to pay close attention to this Asian country. Culhane believes that more pragmatic diplomacy will be needed than before, and NATO and the European Union will need to work closely with regional powers such as Pakistan, China or Qatar that maintain ties with Taliban leaders. (MTI)

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