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The Danish version of Omicron is more contagious

The differences between omicron variants were investigated in a Danish study. BA.2 is more contagious than BA.1, but the role of vaccination remains important.

It is easier to pass the BA.2 version of the omicron variant and is more capable of infecting vaccinated people better than the more common BA.1, Reuters writes. The differences between the two types of omicrons were studied in a Danish study.

A study analyzing coronavirus infections in more than 8,500 Danish households between December and January found that people with BA.2 were 33 percent more likely to infect others than those with BA.1.

Worldwide, ‘original subversion, BA.1’ accounts for more than 98 percent of omicron cases, but its close relative, BA.2, quickly became the dominant strain in Denmark and repulsed BA.1 in the second week of January. According to the research, those who were infected with BA.2 had a 39% chance of transmitting the virus to those who lived with them in the next seven days, compared to 29% for BA.1.

In the study, researchers found that BA.2, in addition to being more prevalent, has “immunosuppressive” properties that reduce the effect of the vaccine against infection.

A study conducted by Statens Serum, University of Copenhagen, Statistics Denmark and Technical University of Denmark was not reviewed.

BA.2 has also been recorded in the US, UK, Sweden and Norway, but at a much lower rate than Denmark, where it accounts for 82 percent of infections.

However, the study also highlighted the role of vaccines: both booster vaccination and fully vaccinated individuals are less likely to be infected and transmit any variant than unvaccinated individuals.

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Based on the preliminary analysis by SSI, there is no difference in the risk of hospitalization for BA.2 and BA.1.

Image: Creative Commons