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The Dignity of God Defines Man – Message of the Pope on the 75th Anniversary of UNESCO

Pope Francis welcomed the large family of UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, with a video message on the occasion of the celebration of its 75th anniversary in November this year. The UNESCO Constitution came into force on November 4, 1946 with the aim of strengthening the “intellectual and moral solidarity” of humankind.

Horvat Hagnalka – Vatican City

Pope Francis begins his video message with sincere wishes on the 75th anniversary of this UN organization. The church has a special relationship with UNESCO. The Church is in the service of the Gospel, and the Gospel is the most human message that history has ever witnessed and learned,” said the Holy Father in his Visual Message.

“The Gospel is a message of life, freedom and hope that has inspired countless educational initiatives of all ages and everywhere and encouraged the scientific and cultural growth of the human family,” His Holiness explained, adding that this is why the United Nations is teaching it. The scientific and cultural organization is a distinguished partner of the Holy See. This is because both parties work together for the common goal of peace and solidarity among peoples, the full development of human beings and the protection of cultural heritage! That is why we wish UNESCO all the best, the Pope said. God bless your work.

Message from Pope Francis to the Director-General of UNESCO

The Convention establishing UNESCO was concluded at the United Nations in 1945, while its working constitution came into force on November 4, 1946, and it is now celebrating its seventy-fifth anniversary. Pope Francis also addressed a letter to Audrey Azoulay, Director-General of UNESCO, stressing that the great anniversary can be a special occasion to rethink the fundamental project of the Organization of maintaining peace and security through education, science and culture, and promoting transnational cooperation. The Catholic Church wanted to join these noble goals, since there is an organic relationship between religions and Christianity on the one hand, and Christianity and culture on the other. Pope Francis expressed the hope that this cooperation would allow not only the convergence of cultures, but also the development of a “culture of convergence”. “Bridges between people can only be built through education and culture if a person’s integrity is taken into account,” Pope Francis said in a message dated November 11.

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The Catholic Church bears witness to the truth of man, his origin, nature, and destiny, and declares that man is not determined by what he possesses, but by the dignity he received from God, because he is capable of that. He overcomes himself and grows in humanity. Therefore, in his letter to UNESCO, Pope Francis welcomed the work that has been accomplished so far, and wished the organization to continue to promote a culture and education that takes into account the full and comprehensive development of the human person, including his spiritual dimensions. Therefore, Pope Francis offers the Apostolic Blessing to the great family of UNESCO, to its employees, and to the families of its workers.

The Vatican issued a mint coin to mark the anniversary of UNESCO

On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the founding of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, the Vatican City Mint has issued a silver 10 euro coin. Designer Daniela Fusco depicted a dove on the coin with an olive branch symbolizing peace in its beak, as well as a ribbon with three words: education, science and culture. The words express a commitment to wars and all forms of discrimination. Next to the dove is St. Peter’s Basilica as a symbol of Christianity. It is noteworthy that the Vatican City was declared a completely World Heritage site in 1984.

Vatican Mint coin on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the founding of UNESCO