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The distant twin brother of Jupiter has been discovered

Although NASA’s Kepler space telescope has not been operational for four years, it still manages to invent something new.

The US space agency closed the Kepler space telescope in 2018, but an international team of astrophysicists discovered an exoplanet like Jupiter, which is about 17,000 light-years from Earth, using observations of the structure. outlet.

An exoplanet, officially codenamed K2-2016-BLG-0005Lb, was observed based on the data recorded by Kepler in 2016. By the way, the space telescope did its job perfectly, as it was able to identify more than 2,700 exoplanets during its life cycle.

David Specht, a doctoral student at the University of Manchester, and colleagues used a phenomenon called the gravitational microlensing to discover what Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity predicted—that objects in outer space become more visible and studyable when a star is in the background. It’s distorted by the gravity of a huge orb, so zooming is available.

Hoping to be able to detect an exoplanet using the distorted light of a distant star, the research team focused for three months on the region of the sky where the planet in question is.

Regardless of that An exoplanet discovered with an instrumentwhich is almost out of order, the team’s work is also remarkable because Kepler was not originally designed to identify such distant objects using the microlens method.

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