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The dollar and all world currencies were banned in one country

The Taliban ban the use of foreign currency in Afghanistan, a move that could worsen the state of an economy on the verge of collapse, he writes. BBC.

The country’s economic condition and national interests require all Afghans to use the Afghani currency in all commercial activities.

Taliban announced.

The US dollar is so far widely used in the Afghan markets, as well as in areas bordering neighboring countries, such as the Pakistani border region.

The Islamic Emirate directs all citizens, shopkeepers, merchants, businessmen and common people to conduct all transactions in Afghanistan from now on and strictly refrain from using foreign currencies.

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said In a statement posted online.

The Afghani is equal to 3.4 forints based on the current exchange rate.

The communications said that anyone who violates this regulation will face legal action.

After the Taliban took control of the country in August, the US Federal Reserve and European central banks froze billions of dollars in foreign assets in Afghanistan. The Taliban have spoken out against the blockade of Afghan assets abroad as the nation faces an acute shortage of funds.

The aid shortage is also seriously hurting Agfa’s economy, where foreign aid previously financed three-quarters of public spending.

Last month, the International Monetary Fund warned that the country’s economy could shrink by 30% this year, plunging millions into poverty and causing a humanitarian crisis. The United Nations World Food Program has warned that millions of Afghans are starving due to a combination of drought, conflict and Covid-19.

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Although Western powers have stated their desire to avoid a humanitarian catastrophe in Afghanistan, they do not want to officially recognize the Taliban government.

Cover image source: Getty Images