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The donut foosball table is a blessing winner

Danish company Lego launches a set based on the idea of ​​a student from Miskolc.

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Following the young idea of ​​Donát Fehérvári from Miskolc, the Danish toy manufacturer Lego is making a set that will be sold all over the world. In December last year, the company announced a builders competition on Lego Ideas, a sporting event.

Donát also named here a foosball table made of LEGO bricks, which can be played as planned. The idea was supported not only by the jury, but also by fans, as this group received the most votes from the entries received.

It turns out that Donut is only 16 years old and the ninth student at Ferenc Voldis High School.

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– I signed up for Lego Ideas last fall. Here, people were encouraged to build on their own idea and then upload it to the site. Since I really love making lego, I’m constantly watching when there’s a topic I have an idea about. In December, I noticed the phrase “We love sports!” And it occurred to me that table football would be a good idea for this competition,” Donata recalled, adding that she doesn’t see the Lego sets as a static exhibit, but likes them to have some function. That’s why he found a foosball table a good idea, since you can still play it after you build it.

When I lie down, I can invent new things, and construction gives free space to my imagination – Donut Vervary

We learned that he didn’t actually build his idea, but created it with the help of digital design software. This solution is workable because the components are available indefinitely in the program. So Donut doesn’t yet know how the soccer table he designed will actually work. Otherwise, the company’s designer will redesign the game based on the work of the brainchild.

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Great surprise

– Lego experts called me to an online meeting and there revealed that my plan was a winner. Donna said I was very surprised because I did not expect this announcement at all, but at the same time I was so pleased to have had such success.

As he said, hanging out is his favorite pastime. He builds for several hours a day, but not according to the manual, but he himself finds out what can be brought from the set. He loves mechanical constructions from the world of Lego Technic. He makes remote-controlled cars, transmissions, suspensions and other mechanics from building blocks. During the summer holidays there are a lot of games, but also during the school year, 10-15 hours per week. After all, we shouldn’t be surprised that his idea was hugely successful.

“When I swing, I can invent new things, and building gives me free space and my creativity. I can do mechanics with Lego that I can’t actually do, since I don’t have the necessary parts. I’ve already built a tank that can shoot,” Donata told me.

And it is no coincidence that his interest in technology is that he attends a special section of mathematics in high school. In addition to mathematics, physics is his favorite subject. He also attends study competitions where he achieves good results. We also learned that Donut and his family moved to Miskolc three years ago.

one percent

However, not only glory to him, but he can earn with his idea. If the ping-pong set he plans to sell goes on sale, he will be entitled to one percent of his income. However, you don’t yet know how much money that means, as there is no data on the cost of the stock and how much of it will be sold.

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Donát enjoys hunting in addition to fishing, but he also enjoys sports. He was now playing handball, and he used to play soccer. Fortunately, learning is easy for him, so he can enjoy his favorite free time.

“I don’t have a new idea to build Lego just yet, I uploaded a miniature Tesla Supercharger model to the company’s website in the fall, which is still getting upvoted,” Donna added.

(On the cover: Donát Fehérvári built a LEGO table football, winning the jury and fans)