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The epidemic seems to be on a nationwide scale in Britain

According to one of the leading British epidemiologists, corona virus infection is no longer nationwide in the UK.

An analysis by the BBC’s British Public Service Media on Friday found that more than 20 million people live in the UK, with no deaths as a result of the Covit-19 outbreak due to the corona virus infection throughout April.

A recent weekly study by the British Bureau of Statistics (ONS) found on Friday that the proportion of people living with the corona virus has dropped to one-thousandth of the total UK population.

Tim Specter, Head of the epidemiology department at King’s College London, told Sky News in the UK on Friday: King’s College estimates that there are now only 40,000 corona virus infections in the UK on average, leading to Govt-19 symptoms.

The UK seems to have crossed the nationwide stage of corona virus infection, and enters a period of low epidemic localization that does not cover a large population, and generally has a lower risk of infection.

Professor Specter stressed that the rates of corona virus infection in the UK are now the lowest in Europe and that the number of new infections detected by screening tests is declining by about 10 per cent each week.

He is a senior professor in the Department of Epidemiology at King’s College and knows that people in many places are still afraid to go out the door and see a local pub, but those living in the least infected areas of the country and those who have been vaccinated against the corona virus should now lead a more sober lifestyle. As before.

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In a study from epidemiological data presented by the BBC on Friday, there were about 22 million people living in some parts of the UK, with no deaths from Govt-19 throughout April.

According to a data analysis by British Public Service Media, 44 per cent of local authorities in the UK and 56 per cent of Scottish local authorities have not reported a single death since the beginning of this month.

Within the national average, no deaths from corona virus infection have been reported for a very long time: no one has died of covid-19 disease in 58 days in the southwestern port city of Plymouth. 260,000 people, and 60 days in Oxford and Mightstone.

According to the summary, the corona virus infection has caused less than 600 deaths nationwide since early April.

In the first four weeks of January, the BBC reports that more than 30,000 people across the country have died of Govt-19.

The UK Bureau of Statistics on Friday estimated that, based on a comprehensive population-based screening, there are currently 66,000 people in the UK with a population of 67 million, infected with the corona virus, which means less than a thousand people have been infected.

At the peak of the British corona virus outbreak in January, the number of corona virus infections nationwide was 1.25, according to ONS estimates at the time.

A new study released Friday by the Bureau of Statistics shows that there are currently 54,200 corona virus infections in the UK.

This means that 1010 people have one infected person, which means that 0.1 percent of the population carries the corona virus.

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This is a significant drop since a similar study last week found 610 people in the UK to be infected with a corona virus.