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The EU is not ready for open democratic discussions

In Karpacz, southern Poland, according to a statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Peter Szijjarto said there is no opportunity for genuine and mutually respectful democratic discussions in the European Union, just as the consistently apparent double standards are a major challenge. .

Speaking at the Karpacz Economic Forum, the Foreign Minister said it would be important to have an honest discussion on how to overcome the challenges facing the continent, but those who disagree with the mainstream are termed anti-European), The Carpathians in Europe In a panel discussion at an international conference called

Hungary is interested in a strong European Union based on strong member states capable of preserving their heritage, national identity and culture, completely rejects the “extremist” federal position aimed at creating a kind of United States of Europe, and does not want to transfer more powers to Brussels, he said.

On the competitiveness of the EU, Scribbler said: Member states should not be deprived of the right to decide on their tax policy, and internal competition is also needed. According to him, obstructing the expansion of society will also reduce competitiveness, especially after the exit of the United Kingdom and the failure of negotiations on the framework agreement between the European Union and Switzerland.

Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade Peter Sigarto will participate in the 30th Karpacz Economic Forum in Karpacz, southern Poland, on September 7, 2021.

Photo: Lukasz Gagulski/MTI/MTVA

According to him, Serbia should be included in the European Union immediately, and this will be a great stabilizing factor for all countries of the Western Balkans, and it is also important to see that “there is no vacuum in politics”, if the bloc does not do this. Labor, other forces will expand in the area.

The Minister described Visegrád’s cooperation as the spirit of Hungarian foreign policy, according to which the four countries achieved results in important European affairs that they would not have had on their own.

“If we do not comply, the migrants will be distributed in the European Union today under mandatory resettlement quotas, but we have not succumbed to amazing pressure from abroad, we have stuck to our position all along,” he said.

Germany has 70 percent more trade with Visegrad 4 than France, Central Europe is the “backbone” of the German economy and, thanks to sound economic and security policies, has become one of the most competitive regions in the world. Investment record, Szijjártó said. (MTI)

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