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The European Commission salts the Poles on the courts

Another lawsuit is being filed against Poland due to a court decision.

The Brussels Commission said on Wednesday that the European Commission had initiated infringement proceedings against Poland due to “serious concerns” about the decisions of Poland’s Constitutional Court in June and October.

In a ruling on June 16, the Polish Constitutional Court ruled temporarily unconstitutional the actions ordered by the Court of Justice of the European Union on the rules on disciplinary responsibility for Polish judges. On October 7, the board said a make a decisionThat some provisions of EU treaties are not in line with Polish with the constitution.


Viktor Urban would not have fallen into his trap like this

The Polish government has maneuvered into a debate with the European Union that it cannot undo. There are many similarities, for example, with the question of the budget veto, but in this debate both sides could have won while only losing here.

According to the European Commission, the decisions of the Polish Constitutional Court “violate the general principles of autonomy, priority, efficacy and uniform application of EU law, as well as the binding force of EU court rulings”. The Committee also considers that the decisions of the Constitutional Court violate European Union law on effective judicial protection.

The EU executive has serious doubts about the independence and impartiality of the Polish Constitutional Court, as it considers that the appointment of several judges violates the basic rules of the constitutional review system. So

The body no longer fulfills the requirements of the treaties of the European Union. The appointment of the President and Vice-President of the Constitutional Court is also marked by irregularities and shortcomings.

Warsaw has two months to respond to the European Commission’s decision.

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