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The European Football Association is also punishing Hungary for its rejection of the gay movement and kneeling

The Hungarian Football Federation has passed on unknown details to National Sports.

We have previously written about the fact that UEFA has sanctioned the Hungarian Football Association for three closed matches for the goalkeeper due to discriminatory support from his supporters.

According to the organization’s website, some fans behaved in a discriminatory manner at the European Championship meetings in Budapest and Munich – the Hungarians clashed with the Portuguese and the French in Puskas Arena and the Germans at the Allianz Arena. They cannot be spectators.

The Hungarian Football Association responded to the UEFA penalty kick with eight points, explained the background of the penalty kick and explained that

Penalty does not apply to World Cup qualifiers

Writes National sport. The fifth point is worthwhile, which we will continue unchanged:

5. According to the documents on which the disciplinary actions are based and known to the MLSZ, the following potential disciplinary offenses were investigated by the UEFA Disciplinary Committee in each match:

(a) Hungary – Portugal

– Multiple display of “ANTI-LMBTQ” Molino (photo validated)

– Multiple hymns to rhyme “Gay Cristiano” (verified by audio recording)

b) Hungary – France

– Multiple Black Lives Matter demonstrations (against the knee)

– Multiple hymns to rhyme “Gay French Good Morning” (verified by audio recording)

c) Germany – Hungary

– »LGBT? Nein, Danke « Multiple View of Molino (verified with photos)

– Multiple chant (and sub anthem) to the rhyme “Deutschland gay Deutschland” (verified by audio recording)”

Image source: MTI / Tamás Kovács