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The European Union imposed sanctions on the Belarusian economy

Council today New restrictive measures have been introduced against the Belarusian regimeTo the escalation of gross human rights violations in Belarus, the violent repression of civil society, democratic opposition and journalists, Ryanair’s forced flight on May 23, 2021 to land illegally in Minsk, and related detention of journalists Raman Pratasevic and Sofia Shapija.

the New targeted economic sanctions Covering, among other things, primarily Internet or telephone connections via mobile or fixed telephone networks watching to intercept it Prohibition of direct or indirect sale, supply, transfer or export of such equipment, technology or software in Belarus; And Dual-use goods and technologies For military use and for the prohibition of the sale, supply or transfer of certain Belarusian persons, entities or bodies. Sanctions also impose restrictions on trade For petroleum products, potassium chloride (lard) and Tobacco Products For goods used in manufacture or production will be restricted Access to the European Union’s capital markets will also be banned Insurance and reinsurance The Belarusian government and the Belarusian public bodies and agencies. Finally, it is European Investment Bank Suspension of payments or payments under existing agreements or technical assistance service contracts for public sector projects, and Member States should take measures to reduce multilateral development banks Belarus is a member of it.

With today’s decision, the Council fully implements the conclusions of the European Council of May 24-25, 2021, in which the Heads of State or Government of the European Union called on the Council to: ban Belarusian airlines from flying over EU airspace from flights they operate; This denies the use of EU airports; Take the necessary measures, including the inclusion of more persons and entities under the relevant sanctions, and the adoption of additional targeted economic sanctions. All of these measures have now been implemented.

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Since October 2020, the European Union has taken restrictive measures against Belarus in several steps. The imposition of the measures justified irregularities in the Belarusian presidential elections of August 2020 and the subsequent intimidation and violent repression of peaceful demonstrators, opposition members and journalists. the 166 individuals and 15 organizations The restrictive measures currently in place include asset freezes of certain persons and entities and travel bans imposed on certain persons.